Cristiano Ronaldo Tag Heuer Watch is a Carrera Mikrotourbillons

Cristiano Ronaldo Tag Heuer Watch is a Carrera Mikrotourbillons (first posted 2 July 2016). Looks like Cristiano Ronaldo ditched his Rolex and Cartier watches because he is now a sports ambassador for Tag Heuer. Check out the international football star with his Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrotourbillons.

cristiano ronaldo tag heuer watch

Cristiano shared the above pic to his Instagram followers with the following message: “Time to relax and bring out my @tagheuer Carrera MikrotourbillonS, the world’s fastest Tourbillon watch, to fuel me up before the big match! #dontcrackunderpressure”

How much is Cristiano’s Carrera watch? According to Metro UK, you gotta have £4,000 to buy a Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrotourbillons.

How much does Cristiano love his Tag Heuer watch? Well, he loves ’em so much, he wears ’em even when he is making love. Joke. Joke. Please don’t sue us.

But its certainly not a stretch to assume that the football star wears his Tag Heuer in bed, no? After all, as the photos below show us, he wears his watch when he’s traveling in his private plane. Or when he’s hanging out with friends. Or when he’s mugging for the camera.

cristiano ronaldo tag heuer watch collection

As may be expected, our football icon wears his Cristiano Ronaldo Tag Heuer Carrera watch when he’s reigning on the pitch with his badass ballkicking as well as when he is just a spectator watching a Formula One race.

cristiano ronaldo tag heuer watch collection2

We love, love, love that Cristiano Ronaldo Tag Heuer watch is prominent in his GQ Magazine photoshoot.

cristiano ronaldo tag heuer watch3

Now, did you know that last January, Cristiano and other Tag Heuer brand ambassadors co-designed some Tag Heuer watches? Are you curious to see what our football star designed? Here you go, Cristiano Ronaldo Tag Heuer Watch watchers. It’s Cristiano’s very own design for the Tag Heuer Connected series.

cristiano ronaldo tag heuer connected watch

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Cristiano Ronaldo Tag Heuer Watch: Carrera Mikrotourbillons. Posted 2 July 2016. Last updated: July 4, 2020 at 13:15 pm.