What to Wear Under White Pants: Tips and Suggestions

what to wear under white pants joe cole visible underwear

What to Wear Under White Pants: Guide, Tips, and Suggestions. So, if you are in a situation where you will encounter any of the above — lighting condition, rainy day, and sweatiness — then it is best to buy yourself a flesh-colored or skin tone underwear. You know, like this one if you are a guy.

Celebrities Wearing Worishofer Shoes and Sandals

Celebrities Wearing Worishofer Shoes and Sandals. Anyhoo, aside from Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst, here are three more celebrities who love them their Worishofers. Golden Globe winning actress Keri Russell is often spotted wearing this German shoes. Keri and her Worishofer Women’s 140 Sandal like the pair Maggie G wears in our original post back in 2010.

Women in Kilts: Female Celebrities and Models Wearing Kilts

female celebrities wearing kilt - Little Mix and McQ Alexander McQueen Tartan Mini Kilt

We’ve blogged about kilts in the past but didn’t realize that we only focused on men’s kilts (see for instance: Designer Kilts for Men) and never did a blog entry on women’s kilts. Well, this post is meant to change that because we are gonna check out famous women who like them their kilts as well as some of the latest designer kilts from your fav fashion houses.