Vintage Mens Underwear: Jeff Aquilon, First Male Supermodel

Vintage Mens Underwear Ads: Jeff Aquilon. Wow. Jeff Aquilon, arguably the world’s first male supermodel, is gorgeous AF. Check out this 1980s vintage photos of Jeff modeling men’s underwear. His long john thermal undies pic reportedly made his career to skyrocket.

Vintage Mens Underwear

Jeff was the captain of his college water polo team. So this photo of the guy modeling water polo gear is fitting.

Vintage Mens Underwear water polo

If you’re wondering what he looks like now, this recent photo from V-Man magazine shows that he still rocks.

sexy Vintage Mens Underwear

Want more vintage mens underwear? Then check out these Sean Connery underwear modeling photos.

UPDATE: You want more vintage mens underwear, don’t you? Well, if you want vintage underwear then we’ll give you vintage underwear. Let’s begin with this Jockey Underwear ad which goes, “More men want Jockey Overknee to protect tender skin” and which made us go, “Whoa! What are our granddaddies doing on their knees? Kneeling in church or something saucier?” Because seriously, you’d think our male ancestors will be least concerned about the tenderness of their skin, right?

Vintage Mens Underwear jockey

Anyhoo, if you’re into boxing and not worried about your tender skin, then Prosknit Underwear for Men and Boys is for you.

Vintage Mens Underwear prosknit

Or maybe you’d prefer this Topkis Athletic Underwear which you can apparently buy for one dollar back then (One dollar for finish, fit, and comfort).

Vintage Mens Underwear advertisements

Ever heard of an underwear brand called Duofold Health Underwear? We haven’t either, but its made of warm wool, soft cotton, and its got some airspace that helps your constricted balls to breath. According to the ad, Duofold “Combines all the protection of wool and the comfort of cotton.”

duo fold Vintage Mens Underwear

Now, from the era of black and white vintage advertising, let’s move on to the Age of Color with this underwear ad from a brand called BVD Underwear. This is the first time we hear of it but it’s apparently “The Great American Fit for the Great American Male”.

bvd Vintage Mens Underwear

BVD is an “expensive fit” but you can buy it at a “comfortable price”. You can also wear your BVD underwear, sans any other clothing, when you go camping. But don’t complain if a rattlesnake decides to bite your exposed unprotected ass.

bvd mens underwear

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