David Samson Shirtless Marlins President on Survivor Cagayan

David Samson Shirtless Photos. David Samson is a lawyer, the president of a Major League Baseball team, a triathlete who completed the Ironman World Championships in 2006, and an “inveterate asshole” according to the guys at Deadspin.

david samson - marlins president - ironman

Soon he will be a reality star because he’s reportedly been cast in the upcoming season of the granddaddy of all reality shows, Survivor. From local10.com: Continue reading “David Samson Shirtless Marlins President on Survivor Cagayan”

Cliff Robinson: Ex-NBA Star is a Survivor Cagayan Castaway?

cliff robinson - survivor cagayan - young

Is former NBA basketball player Cliff Robinson a castaway in the upcoming 28th season of the CBS reality hit show Survivor? According to the denizens of survivorsucks.com, the answer is a big bold “Yes!”. We’re not gonna doubt them because identifying future Survivor castaways is something that Sucksters are very good at. They have it down to a science. In fact, we kinda agree with our friend Kevin who thinks that, when it comes to spoilers, Sucksters are kind of like the Nate Silvers of Survivor.

Anyhoo, are you excited to watch a retired NBA star play the Survivor game? We are excited of course but we are also a little apprehensive because the show has not been kind in presenting the viewpoint of older black players who are either portrayed as lazy/bossy, or as clueless fools who can’t find idols under their noses (Russell Swan), or as players with an exaggerated sense of themselves and their gameplay (Phillip Shepard). We are tired of this kind of portrayal and we sure are hoping that Cliff Robinson will not give the producers/editors some unfortunate footage that they’ll use to present him in a negative light.

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Tyson Apostol Underwear Photos on Survivor

Tyson Apostol Underwear Photos on Survivor Blood vs. Water: Hey look, we have more Tyson Apostol underwear photos. The Survivor veteran is back in the game courtesy of Survivor Blood vs Water and we are liking the way he is playing so far. We were not fans of him before his latest Survivor stint but we are definitely fans of him now.

tyson apostol boxers underwear - survivor blood v water

Lookin’ good Mr. Apostol. You go ahead and win that one million dollars.

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Brad Culpepper Shirtless Survivor Hunk is a Lawyer and NFL Jock

We already told you about our new imaginary Survivor boyfriend in the person of the hunky Dr. John Cody, now let’s check out our imaginary Survivor daddy: 44-year-old Brad Culpepper, hubby of returning Survivor contestant Monica Culpepper, retired football player (the NFL variety not soccer), and a practicing attorney. He’s got one of the best bodies we’ve seen on a 40-something man. Check it out.

brad culpepper shirtless survivor

If those abs doesn’t make you go, “Hubba! Hubba!”, maybe you are dead inside. Hehe. Anyhoo, if you are wondering about the kind of lawyering that our Survivor daddy does, his firm’s website (ckfirm.com) states that Brad’s area of practice is “personal injury”. Apparently, he’s been lawyering since 2002 and that he graduated with a JD degree from the University of Florida College of Law in Gainesville, Florida a year earlier.

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Dr. John Cody Shirtless Survivor Hunk: Candice Woodcock’s Husband

Dr. John Cody Shirtless Survivor Hunk: Candice Woodcock’s Husband. Every time a new season of Survivor comes along our first order of business is to look for our Survivor boyfriend. For the latest installment of the CBS relatiy show, Survivor: Blood and Water, we found our “boyfriend” in the person of Dr. John Cody. And why not? He’s a doctor. He was in the army. He’s a hunky hunk of a man. And, most importantly, he has the sexiest body hair we’ve seen in years. Hehe. So yeah, we’re crushing on him and we won’t be surprised if you’re crushing on him too.

But let’s not get our hopes up, ladies. It turns out that Dr. Cody is married to an infamous villain of Survivor history: Candice Woodcock of Cook Islands. Remember her, Survivor fans? She’s the really pretty girl who made the really dumb move of betraying her alliance who, despite their depleted number, went on to kick the asses of Candice and her new alliance. We hope Candice will not make a similar mistake and that she’ll do a better job in reading the game in her second Survivor season.

dr john cody shirtless survivor hunk

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Reynold Toepfer Shirtless Survivor Caramoan Hunk

Reynold Toepfer Shirtless Survivor Caramoan Hunk. Is it okay to have a reserve boyfriend so you’ll have someone to turn to in case your relationship with your boyfriend does not work out? We’re asking because…. well, because we are planning to name Reynold Toepfer as our reserve Survivor Caramoan boyfriend in case Edward “Eddie” Fox turn out to be a kitten rather than a fox.

Okay, we’re being silly here. Surely it is okay to have a reserve boyfriend and to have as many boyfriends as you want so long as they are only your imaginary reality-TV boyfriend and not, as our friend Deena would say, IRL (In Real Life).

Of course it is a bad, bad, bad proposition to have more than one boyfriend at the same time in real life, no?

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