Locklan Locky Gilbert Underwear, Bachelor, and Survivor Hunk

locklan gilbert hot survivor

Locklan Locky Gilbert Underwear, Bachelor, and Survivor Hunk. Time for another Hot Australian Hunk and boy are you in for a treat. And by treat we mean Australian Survivor castaway and upcoming The Bachelor seeker Locklan Locky Gilbert walking and posing on the beach in his underwear.

Marcus Lehman Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Survivor Gabon

marcus lehman underwear survivor gay or straight

Marcus Lehman Underwear: Survivor Boxer Shorts. My bad, we should have published these underwear pics of Marcus Lehman. Remember him? He’s the doctor who had some “bromantic” thing going on with fellow castaway Charlie Hershel. He had tons of pictures wearing nothing but his boxer shorts but we, silly us, ignored it for some reason. For a website that seeks to focus on famous men and their underoos, that’s clearly a big mistake.

LJ McKanas Shirtless and Underwear Photos – Survivor Cagayan

LJ McKanas underwear with alxis maxwell and Jefra Bland

LJ McKanas Shirtless Shirtless and Underwear Pics. Ugh! Are we the only ones disappointed that David Samson and that Garrett hunk were the first ones voted out of Survivor Cagayan? Sure they were foolish and silly and definitely deserved to be booted out but we’re disappointed because we wanted to see us some DILF (in the person of Samson) and some pretty washboard abs (which we found on Garrett).