Steve Jones Shirtless, Boxers or Briefs, Gay or Straight?

Steve Jones Shirtless Modeling Photos. A little over four years later, we are updating this post to bring you more shirtless pics of Steve Jones aka our imaginary Welsh beau.

These photos, which highlight his body hair in all its unshaved glory, are from a photoshoot he did with Attitude Magazine. For those of you into fashion, he is wearing trousers by John Varvatos.

He really is a tall drink of water, ain’t he?

steve jones hot welsh presenter

On the cover of Attitude Mag:

steve jones shirtless british tv presenter

Hey, is he going for the “unbuttoned” look?

steve jones shirtless chest hair

steve jones welsh tv presenter shirtless

And here are screencaps of Steve in his Speedos (or maybe he’s wearing undies) from the show When Women Rule the World.

steve jones underwear - boxer briefs - when women rule the world

steve jones underwear - boxer briefs - when women rule the world2

steve jones underwear - boxer briefs - when women rule the world3

Steve Jones Shirtless. You’ve already seen British TV host/actor/model Steve Jones in our earlier post, Shirtless British TV Presenters, but we know you want more of this Welsh celebrity so let’s do another blog post entirely dedicated to His Hairiness.

steve jones shirtless - hairy chest - attitude magazine

Here’s a younger version of the ex-X Factor USA presenter channeling the male lifeguards of David Hasselhoff’s iconic TV show Baywatch. Steve would have made a good addition to the lifeguard stable, no?

steve jones shirtless - speedo swimshorts

Let’s move on from ogling them Steve Jones shirtless pics to this funny photo of our Steve holding a .. well check it out for yourself. According to reports, that thing is molded from his very own thing. Damn, he’s gifted down there isn’t he? We have to censor the image because it will scandalize our grandma.

steve jones mold2

Now, what’s the story behind the photo? He reportedly did it for a TV show called 99 Things to Do Before You Die. So, does it go without saying that one of the things he wanted to do is to make a mold of his you-know-what?

Steve Jones Underwear. Does Stevie wear boxers or briefs? The next photo below tells us he prefers boxer briefs. Right, Ellen?

steve jones underwear - ellen boxers

Time for another Steve Jones shirtless pic just because. When it comes to his brand preference, he apparently loves him his Calvin Kleins. Aside from Ellen’s of course.

steve jones underwear waistband by calvin klein

Is Steve Jones Gay, Straight, or Bi. Our 37-year-old hottie is a ladies man so he’s obviously straight. Celebrity dating history website,, reveals that he dated the likes of Fearne Cotton, Alex Jones, Halle Berry, Pamela Anderson, Rose McGowan, Sarah Harding, Hayden Panettiere, and several other girls.

Despite Steve’s skirt-chasing ways, the denizens of website thinks that he is a friend of Dorothy:

According to 59 visitors Steve Jones is 76% gay. The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Steve Jones has been voted highly gay.

Said website is wrong, of course, but Steve did say that he kissed one of his male friends so maybe there’s a basis for the above assessment? But then again he’s British (European?) so guy-on-guy kissing is not unheard of and does not make one gay.

Steve Jones Wedding. In October 2014, Steve tied the knot with then-girlfriend and now-wife Phylicia Jackson. Here’s a photo of the happy couple on their wedding day:

steve jones wedding - wife Phylicia Jackson2

Now that’s an image of a happy man and wife! Belated congratulations, lovebirds! Let us end this post with Steve talking about their wedding.

From the Daily Mirror: “We first got hitched in Mayfair last October, and unfortunately my wife’s parents couldn’t make it – it was too last-minute for them. So we decided to go to Vegas, where she’s from, and got remarried two weeks ago, a proper Vegas-style wedding. We got given away by Elvis, there were fireworks on the 4th of July, it was wonderful. The problem though is that Phylicia’s so fantastic I want to keep marrying her. I love her so much that I keep thinking, ‘Right, I’m going to propose in this moment, because she’s so perfect,’ and then I think, ‘Oh wait a minute, she’s already my wife!’”

Awww! How romantic!

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