Lewis Hamilton Gay or Straight? Boxers or Briefs Underwear?

Lewis Hamilton Gay or Straight? We always thought he is straight because of his relationships with Nicole Scherzinger. However, some of his Instagram followers went a-cuckoo when he posted a rainbow flag with the following message:

lewishamilton: God is love & love wins always! #FREEDOM

Here’s the flag:

lewis hamilton gay or straight

Now, Lewis was obviously just expressing his support to the LGBT community but a lot of people mistook it to mean that he is coming out as a gay man. What’s the response to his post like? Well, he was either congratulated for his bravery in coming out or he was verbally abused for being gay.

This is the world we live in? One where a straight guy like Lewis can’t express support to the gheys without being abused for it. [Related: Highest Paid Formula One Drivers.]

Here’s what he said during the aftermath:

I posted something about gay rights recently, and seeing the negativity coming from people was just disgusting. And that negativity they’re sharing with so many people. It’s just a shame that the world is still doing that.

It is a shame indeed, Lewis. But you deserve props for being LGBT supportive.

Lewis Hamilton Underwear. Now you know the answer to the “does Lewis wear boxers or briefs” question. Apparently, as you can see in the photo below, he likes ’em his boxer briefs.

lewis hamilton underwear - boxer briefs or long johns2

At first, we thought he’s wearing long johns underwear but the glass reflection reveals that it is indeed boxer briefs.

In terms of the brand of underwear he likes, you can see that he likes Calvin Kleins. Moreover, he also likes Hugo Boss as you can see in the next photo below:

lewis hamilton underwear hugo boss

So in conclusion, let’s summarize the point of this post. Is Lewis Hamilton gay or straight? He is straight but he supports the LGBT community. Does he wear boxers or briefs? Apparently, he prefers to wear a combination of the two: boxer briefs.