Levi Johnston Underwear, Shirtless, Wife, and Latest Updates

Levi Johnston Underwear, Shirtless, and Latest Updates. Almost eight years have passed since we met our favorite Republican rebel Levi Johnston. So we thought it’s time to update this post and give you some updates on our Alaskan imaginary boyfriend.

Did you know that he tied the knot back in 2012? Good for him! Thankfully, he didn’t marry that daughter of she-who-must-not-be-named. Instead, he married a girl named Sunny Oglesby. Check out the lovebirds during their wedding day.

levi johnston wedding

So how is Levi Johnston doing now? What’s keeping him busy? Well, judging from his Instagram photos (follow him @levikjohnston), we guess its safe to safe that he is busy doing typical young daddy stuff. You know, taking care of his goings, going fishing, moose hunting, and hanging out with his young family in the living room.

levi johnston update

We know we posted a Levi Johnston shirtless photo before but here’s another one for those of you looking. So this is how Levi does his bicep curls?

levi johnston shirtless

In conclusion, let’s end this update with another Levi Johnston underwear photo while wearing his Alaska leather jacket. Apparently, he likes him his Baskit undies.

levi johnston underwear and leather jacket

Levi Johnston Underwear (6 December 2009). Are you wondering if our favorite boy from Alaska Levi Johnston wears boxers or briefs? Well, according to these photos, our Levi is a boxers guy. Not surprisingly because he’s from Alaska after all, he’s also into long johns thermal.

levi johnston underwear photos collection3

By the way, for the record, we must say that we like this guy. Many people dislike him for trying to cash in on his being some kind of an accidental “celebrity” but we think most of his critics will also be doing the same thing if they were in the same situation.

Anyhoo, we like Levi not because he’s willing to because he is standing up to the crazy Palins. We think it takes a lot of guts to do that if you are from a small town in Alaska and you’re going up against the ex-Governor. You go, Levi!

Levi Johnston’s No Underwear Photos (10 November 2009). According to our unreliable “source”, this is what Levi Johnston aka the prospective male underwear model from Wasilla will look like when he ditches his boxer underwear (and his long john thermal undies) for the Playgirl photoshoot that the whole wide world has been waiting for. The teen dude has reportedly been working out in preparation for the shoot. Maybe he needs some workout tips from Kellan Lutz? Anyhoo, we’re happy for Levi and his fans.

Levi Johnston – The Tyra Banks Show (03 April 2009). Look who’s appearing on The Tyra Banks Show. It’s Levi Johnston, you know the guy who knocked up Sarah Palin’s daughter. We so look forward to watching him when the show airs on Monday. He looks better in his pictures, don’t you think?

Bristol – Levi Johnston Breakup (12 March 2009). Now that they have don’t need him to prop up their pregnant unwed daughter to prove to voters that they live “traditional family values”, the Palins have reportedly kicked out Levi Johnston to the curb. Why are we not surprised? The hyprocrisy of the Sarah Palins of this world knows no bounds. We are actually happy for Levi though because he was able to escape from the grip of those vampires.

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