Celebrities Wearing Under Armour

celebrities wearing under armour - jeremy renner compression sleeveless shirt

Celebrities in Under Armour: Boxerjock Underwear, Jackets, Compression Shirt. Not surprisingly, Under Armour not only conquered the world of sports as mentioned in our previous post [see: Male Models and Athletes in Under Armour]. Judging by the number of famous celebrities wearing the American apparel brand, it also conquered Hollywood.

Hot Wrestlers in Singlets: Olympic Gold Medal Winners

hot wrestlers in singlets andrea minguzzi

Hot Wrestlers in Singlets: Olympic Gold Medal Winners. It’s that time of the year when we update our posts here at Famewatcher and we decided that for this original posts about athletes in spandex, we are going to focus on the most badass Spandex-wearing sports star of all: wrestlers who bagged gold medals in the Olympic sport of wrestling. We begin with our favorite who, naturally, tops our list of hot wrestlers in singlets — Italy’s Andrea Minguzzi. We actually wrote an earlier post about him (see: Wrestlers in Spandex) but we haven’t uploaded these fabulous photos of our Italian sports hunk. Check ’em out! Ain’t you glad we uploaded these pics?

Marcos Baghdatis Shirtless Plus Jeremy Chardy and Frank Dancevic

MARCOS BAGHDATIS SHIRTLESS. Anyone watching the U.S. open? Niagara’s Frank Dancevic lost to 18th-seeded Spaniard Nicolas Almagro in the first round. Argh! Frank is still a hottie though. I’m not a fan of his hair — reminds me of the unkempt hair of the Jonas Brothers hehe — but his abs are so wow.