Celebrities Wearing Under Armour

Celebrities in Under Armour: Boxerjock Underwear, Jackets, Compression Shirt. Not surprisingly, Under Armour not only conquered the world of sports as mentioned in our previous post [see: Male Models and Athletes in Under Armour]. Judging by the number of famous celebrities wearing the American apparel brand, it also conquered Hollywood.

Let’s check out these Under Armour-wearing celebrities, shall we? First in our list is the talented and hunky Bourne Legacy actor Jeremy Renner who’s seen here sporting an Under Armour sleeveless compression shirt.

celebrities wearing under armour - jeremy renner compression sleeveless shirt

Meantime, here’s new daddy Josh Duhamel with his Under Armour underwear peeking out of his jeans. Congratulations to you and Fergie for their first born.

celebrities wearing under armour boxer jock underwear - josh duhamel

Did you know that Under Armour also makes backpacks and bags? Apparently it does! Here’s The Hangover actor Bradley Cooper with a mostly unseen UA backpack. You can see its logo though on the shoulder strap.


And here’s Zac Efron carrying an Under Armour Extra Large Team Duffle.

zac efron - under armour Duffle

Hey look, its our imaginary Canadian boyfriend and Hunger Games baddie Alexander Ludwig. Doesn’t he look cute and cuddly in his body-fitting Under Armour shirt?

under armour celebrities - alexander ludwig - shortsleeve heatgear

American cutie Chad Michael Murray plays golf in his Under Armour polo shirt.

chad michael murray - under armour polo shirt

So we’ve seen six celebrities who wear Under Armour apparel in the previous page. Let us continue listing them with British actor Henry Cavill aka Clark Kent aka Superman wearing an Under Armour beanie. If you squint hard, he will look like Elijah Wood. Hehe.


Apparently, Henry’s beanie can burst into flames if exposed to extreme heat. Via coolspotters.com: “WARNING! This product will melt when exposed to extreme heat or open flames, posing a risk of serious injury where melted product comes into contact with skin! Form-fitting ColdGear® microfleece beanie traps heat to keep you warm in the cold Interior HeatGear® mesh lining wicks sweat away to keep your head dry and comfortable.”

Star Trek actor Tom Hardy looks warm, comfy, and happy in his Under Armour hoodie jacket.

tom hardy under armour hoody

Captain America Chris Evans displays his amazing upper body with the help of a form-fitting Under Armour shirt.

chris evans in body fitting under armour shirt with minka kelly

For his part, wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson rocks his Under Armour tank top.


Jack Quaid wears an Under Armour Performance Headband.

jack quaid under armour head band

Lastly, here’s Justin Bieber with his trademark low-hang jeans fashion style which shows us that he is wearing Under Armour underwear. We’re getting tired of his shtick and we are hoping hard that he won’t go the way of Lindsay Lohan.

justin bieber under armour underwear

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