Shane Harper Shirtless Photo: Gay or Girlfriend?

Shane Harper Shirtless Photo: Gay or Girlfriend? Aside from Cameron Moulene, another young actor cast in a lead role for MTV’s upcoming dramedy Happyland is the hot hunk that is Shane Harper. Shane will be playing Ian Chandler described by as “the handsome son of the park’s new president, a new hire at the park who is smitten by feisty Lucy”. Here’s Shane with Happyland co-stars Cameron and Kat McNamara.

shane harper with cameron moulene and kat mcnamara

Shane with Ryan Rottman who will guest-star as Shane’s dad. That’s a hunky, gorgeous, totally shaggable daddy!

shane harper with ryan rottman - happyland hunks

Shane Harper Shirtless Photos. We know you Famewatchers are fond of shirtless photos so we went looking for Shane’s shirtless pics and found these ones on his Instagram account (you can follow him @theshaneharper).

Shane in surfsuit with younger brother, Sullivan Harper. [Want more surfsuits for men?]

shane harper - surfing with sullivan - younger bro

Sullivan is a male model according to wikipedia.

shane harper shirtless with younger bro sullivan harper

Does Shane Harper Have Girlfriend? Yes he does. He and actress Bridgit Mendler are dating. The two co-starred in the Disney Channel sitcom, Good Luck Charlie, where they played on-again, off-again boyfriend/girlfriend. In real life, Shane and Bridgit have been on since May 2011.

shane harper girlfriend - at TCA with my gorgeous gal - theshaneharper on instagram

Shane shared the above photo with his Instagram followers with the following message: @TCA with my gorgeous gal. His followers went afrenzy when they realized that the TV lovebirds are dating IRL.

Shane Harper girlfriend - dating relationship status

Is Shane Harper Gay or Straight? What kind of question is that? We just mentioned that he is dating a girl, right? That means he is straight. But let’s check out what the denizens of to see whether they agree with us. Check out their gaydar rating for Shane:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Shane Harper: According to 172 visitors Shane Harper is 64% gay.However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Shane Harper is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

So there! Shane is quite straight according to our friends at

Shane Harper Underwear: Does he like boxers or briefs? We will have to update this one for you in the future because we don’t know his underwear preference. If you happen to know, do share the info in the comments. But we’ll leave you with this photo of Shane showing his underwear waistband. Now this is an awesome six-pack abs, ain’t it?

Shane Harper Underwear - Waistband - High School Musical2

Update: Thanks to a commenter, we now know Shane wears boxer briefs underwear. From his Instagram account:

shane harper underwear - boxer briefs2

2020 Update. Apparently, Shane and Brigit have called it quits sometime in 2015. Our Shane’s acting career continues to go swimmingly and, to date, he’s got 29 acting credits to his name the most recent of which is the Starz crime drama Hightown which is scheduled to premiere this coming May. Anyhoo, here are some shirtless pics of Shane from Happyland.

shane harper body - washboard abs

shane harper shirtless abs

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