Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After: Too Young?

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After: How Young is Too Young? Ali Lohan is too young to be undergoing some kind of plastic surgery but it looks like the girl has had some surgical procedure to “enhance” her lips. Maybe she’s going for the Angelina Jolie look. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for her because what her “enhanced” lips do is make her look older than she actually is.

ali lohan plastic surgery before and after

And how old was she when she had this done? Fifteen? Fourteen? As Kathy Griffin would say, “Where is the PARENTING here?” Sadly, when it comes to both Dina and Michael Lohan, that word may be alien to them.

Ali’s rumored plastic surgery procedure brings up the question on whether there should be age limits or age requirements for surgical procedures meant to enhance one’s appearance.

There is no question that kids who undergo plastic surgery because they need to (such as burn victims) can do so whatever their age. However, kids or teens who merely want some cosmetic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt or Superman¬†should be made to … hmm, I was gonna say they should be made to handwrite “I’m not gonna have unnecessary and silly cosmetic surgery” a thousand times but that might be child abuse. Hehe.

Anyhoo, all we’re trying to say is that if kids/teens cannot drink or drive before they reach a certain age, they should also not be allowed to take unneeded cosmetic enhancements before they too reach a certain age. But then again, since we are talking about “unneeded cosmetic surgeries” maybe we should apply the whole dame thing to people of all ages, no?

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