Sam Strike Gay Kisses: Girlfriend? Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Sam Strike Gay, Girlfriend, and Other Stuff. Want more celebrity gay kiss? Well, let’s check out actor Sam Strike and his adventures on the long-running British TV series Eastenders. Here’s Sam, who plays Johnny Carter, making out with Gary Lucy (who plays Danny Pennant) in an episode of the BBC soap opera.

celebrity gay kiss - samstrike and gary lucy as johnny carter and gary pennant in eastenders

And here’s Sam/Johnny brushing lips with an Italian dude named Gianluca (played by Gabriele Lombardo) after they met during a gay pride parade celebration.

celebrity gay kiss - sam strike gay as johnny carter kissing gianluca

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The pair share a passionate kiss at the station, before Gianluca returns to Italy with Johnny telling him he wants to follow him.

Strike, whose character leaves home after a row with his mother about his sexuality, has previously hinted he will change his mind and head back to Walford, saying: “All I can tell is you is that something happens that forces him to change course. It’s good!”

Is Sam Strike Gay in Real Life? With the tonsil tasting he does with men on-camera, it is not surprising that people are wondering whether Sam is a friend of Dorothy in real life. Check out, for instance, this debate going on at Digital Spy forum:

  • He is playing a gay character in Eastenders but wondered if he is gay in real life? My friend said there was an interview with Sam who said he was but I couldn’t find anything on the net. It’d be interesting for a young gay actor to take on a role as a gay character in relatable terms.
  • Who cares? I can just imagine you frantically scrolling around the Internet looking for this clearly not real interview. He may be, but it shouldn’t matter in todays society.
  • Why do people only wonder if real life reflects a soap role when the character is gay?! Do they wonder if real life reflects the character they play when they play a murderer, rapist, paedophile, wife beater, drug addict, alcoholic, etc etc etc’. No! Only if they are playing a gay character. It’s getting very boring!
  • Wow, what boring lives people lead if they spend their time looking to see if an actor is gay in real life. Too many people on here worry about celebrities private lives on Digital spy. Worry about your own life and enjoy the work these people do for a living.
  • Why does everyone have to say ‘Does it matter?’ ‘Who cares?’ ‘Youre very sad!’ and stuff? If you don’t care so much then don’t comment. I doubt the actors find it intrusive or rude in any way. If they’re playing a gay character then surely they’re bound to expect questions like that.
  • The reason people probably want to know is that its always nice when a gay actor gets a chance to represent the gay people in the audience. Because they want characters to identify with.

The “Sam Strike gay or straight” debate goes on and on for, like, six pages. Go here if you want to join the fun. [Sorry, deadlink.]

Sam Strike Girlfriend. So is Sam dating? What’s his relationship status? Who is his girlfriend? Well, at this point, we do not have any answer to these relationship questions. But we will update this post in the future once we find out the relevant information. So check back later, will ya?

Sam Strike Shirtless and Underwear Photos. We have none at the moment but we have something more interesting, a photo of Sam Strike pregnant.

sam strike pregnant

Don’t ask us what’s happening in the image above because we don’t know. Hehe.