Taylor Lautner Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

taylor lautner gq magazine cover

Taylor Lautner Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Look who just got himself engaged to his significant other? It’s our favorite Twilight star Taylor Lautner, that’s who! He recently proposed to his girl Tay Dome and she accepted. Yay! Here’s a photo he posted on Instagram (follow him @taylorlautner) to announce their engagement.

Philemon Chambers Shirtless, Gay, Girlfriend, Single All The Way

Philemon Chambers single all the way

Philemon Chambers Shirtless, Gay, Girlfriend, Single All The Way. Like our friend Kevin, we are excited for the upcoming Netflix movie Single All The Way about a guy who gets his male best friend to go home with him for the holidays and pretend that they are in a relationship. If you’re like, ‘Why the hell, would he do that?” It’s because this is a gay romantic comedy and if straight people in romcoms can pretend that their friends are their boyfriend/girlfriend to get their parents off their back then LGBT people can do it too.

Tom Prior Shirtless, Sculpted Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend

tom prior body

Tom Prior Shirtless, Sculpted Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend. If you are looking for a young creator to stan, you may not find a better one than British actor Tom Prior? Why, you ask? Because, from what we gathered, he played a key role in the production and the writing of a movie he currently stars in. That’s how you go about it, folks. You think you are not getting the good acting gigs you want? Well, what’s stopping you from co-writing and co-producing one as Tom did for the movie Firebird?

Robert James-Collier Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Robert James-Collier underwear boxer briefs

Robert James-Collier Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Hello Famewatchers, here’s a question for the more informed among us. Do you happen to know where this photo of Robert James-Collier stretching in his boxer briefs underwear was taken? Is it a still from a movie, TV, or stage play? Or is it from a magazine photoshoot? Or just some random photo of the actor? We ask because your Famewatchers made a bet on who is correct. Deena believes it is from a stage play while yours truly thinks its a screencap from a movie.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Shirtless, Underwear Model, Wedding

Zlatan Ibrahimovic young

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Shirtless, Underwear Model, Wedding. Huh, while the world of celebrity bloggers were speculating about the nature of Zlatan and Gerard Pique’s relationship more than ten years ago, it turns out that our Swedish soccer player has been in a relationship with a woman all along. Fellow clueless Famewatchers, say hi to Ibra’s significant other Helena Seger. In a recent interview with Elle Magazine (via Corriere dello Sport), Helena revealed that their first meeting back in 2002 was not cordial at all: