Luis Gerardo Mendez Gay: Boyfriend, Shirtless, Sin Camisa, Underwear Photos

Apparently, the cute hunk above is gay. Which is why our friend Kevin says, “Yum! Yum! Yum!”. The hunk’s name, for those of you wondering, is Luis Gerardo Mendez. He’s a famous actor from Mexico who recently came out (or maybe he did not).

Luis Gerardo Méndez biceps muscles

Details from the Latin Times:

Luis Gerardo Méndez is one of Mexico’s most acclaimed young actors starring in a string of cinematic hits that include the comedy “Nosotros Los Nobles.” The 32-year-old actor was recently interviewed by Martha Debayle for her magazine “Moi” that gave insight of his sexuality that surprised his followers. Méndez has kept a low profile and instead focused on his career rather than shedding light on his personal life. The star talked about infidelity within the gay community which has shocked media as this was one of the few times he let the media peek into his life. “If the agreement is that you can sleep with anybody, there are no problems, but if it’s not, it’s not cool,” he said. “I was not faithful to many, I struggled a lot with it, but I have redeemed myself.” Mendez used the masculine word of “muchos” instead of “muchas,” which the latter would refer to women.

Okay, so its not really clear whether he came out as a gay man, right? Maybe he simply misspoke and said “muchos” rather than “muchas”.

Luis Gerardo Mendez Gay Kissing Scenes. Anyhoo, if you want a gay Luis Gerardo Mendez, check him out in this video going kissy-kissy with fellow actor Luis Ernesto Franco. The clip is from a show called No sé si Cortarme las Venas o Dejármelas Largas (translation: I Don’t Know Whether to Slit My Wrists or Leave Them Long).

Here are still photos of the gay kiss between the two Luises.

luis gerardo mendez luis ernesto franco gay kiss

Kevin says, “Niicceee!”

luis gerardo mendez shirtless - luis ernesto franco gay kiss - I Dont Know Whether to Slit My Wrists or Leave Them Long

Shirtless Luis Gerardo Mendez. Here are some shirtless photos of our Mexican hunk.

Luis Gerardo Méndez body

Luis Gerardo Mendez sin camisa.

Luis Gerardo Méndez shirtless - sin camisa

Apparently, he loves him his Calvin Klein Underwear.

Luis Gerardo Méndez underwear by calvin klein

Don’t you want to get wet with Luis?

Luis Gerardo Méndez sexy hot body

So, if Luis Gerardo Mendez is gay, does he have a boyfriend? Maybe he does. We don’t know. Maybe its this guy?

Luis Gerardo Mendez with and Gabriel Ibarzábal Latin Fashion News

Nah, that’s not his boyfriend. That’s Gabriel Ibarzabal of Latin Fashion News. Want more Latino hunks? Check out the shirtless James Rodriguez.