Rio Ferdinand Gay Fashion Style: Hot Pants For Men

Rio Ferdinand Gay Fashion Style. Why is Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand dressed in skintight hotpants and, what do you call that thing, a male bra?

rio ferdinand gay or straight

Here are the crazy reasons we came up with to explain the intriguing Rio Ferdinand gay fashion style:

  • He’s a woman trapped in a man’s body.
  • He’s one of those footballers rumored to be boinking each other.
  • He lost a bet to AC Milan footballer Marco Borriello who proved that Beckham’s bulge is real.
  • His fiancee Rebecca Ellison made him do it to prove his love for her.
  • It’s his initiation rite to a gay fraternity.
  • He actually wears panties at home, this is his way of coming out as a cross-dresser.
  • He’s just teaching his girl models like Francoise Boufhal a thing or two about edgy fashion.
  • Repent, you sinners. The second coming of Christ is near.

So, which of the above could explain this Rio Ferdinand gay outfit?

rio ferdinand gay scandal

Clearly, our Rio Ferdinand is on a mission to bring back the tight denim hot pants for men, right? Hooray, for male fashionistas! Or is that just a denim-looking swimsuit?

rio ferdinand gay

While looking at the last picture, our friend Deena had this to say: “You know, given how leggy Rio Ferdinand is, he can very well be a Supermodel if he is a woman.” Do you agree with that assessment?

Rio Ferdinand Gay Bromance With David Beckham. We are updating this post to bring you these kissin’ and huggin’ photos of Rio and David Beckham. Looks like the Becks was more into Rio than the other way around, no? Can’t say we blame him. Hehe.

rio ferdinand gay with david beckham

Hug then kiss.

rio ferdinand gay kiss with david beckham

The Becks fails to prevent other dudes from getting a piece of Rio Ferdinand!

rio ferdinand gay object of affection

Let us end this update with this Rio Ferdinand shirtless slash peekabo underwear photo.

rio ferdinand gay underwear

Rio Ferdinand Gay Fashion Style posted 10 August 2009. Updated 14 March 2017.