Are Pinstripe Suits In or Out of Fashion: Menswear Style Watch

Are Pinstripe Suits In or Out of Fashion: Menswear Style Watch Men’s fashion question of the day: Are pinstripe suits still fashionable this year and the coming years to come? Our answer: Yes it is. But don’t wear a colorful suit with big stripes to a job interview unless you are applying to be the next Austin Powers in which case you should go ahead and buy yourself a multi-colored big-striped suit.

pinstripe suits in or out - austin powers suit

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Anyhoo, GQ Magazine aka The Bible of Men’s Fashion (according to our friend Kevin anyways) agrees with us that pinstripe suits are “in” fashion rather than “out” of style. In fact, the magazine shows us some fabulous pinstripes which may remind you of the 70s and 80s but are still pretty current. Like leopard print dresses for women, we think pinstripe suits will always have a space in men’s fashion. It may not be at the front and center but it will never go away. Agree or disagree?

Anyhoo, check out the following designer pinstripe suits on American football star Victor Cruz of the New York Giants. [Photos courtesy of GQ Magazine]

This is probably our favorite of the bunch. Made by the Italian fashion house Etro, it sells at US$2,092. It looks fab and cool on Victor, we think it will also look cool on our hubby.

are pinstripe suits in or out - etro

We like the Etro suit above but the next one — by Michael Bastian, cost: US$1,680 — not so much; but our not liking the Bastian suit is mainly because we are more into subtle stripes. We love the body-hugging Calvin Klein turtleneck shirt though. Want to see some Turtleneck Sweaters for Men?

Another suit we love, love, love. The stripes are not prominent which is why we love it. This one’s from the Boss Selection and will cost you US$1,395.

pinstripe suits in or out boss

Pinstripe suit by Ralph Lauren. Nice. A classic, vintage look. How much does this cost? At US$4,995 it is the most expensive of the lot.

pinstripe suits in or out of fashion ralph lauren

Here’s a blue pinstripe suit by another Italian design house, Canali. It’s cheaper than the Ralph Lauren suit above but its the second most expensive at US$2,350.

pinstripe suits in canali

Last but not the least in GQ’s collection of stylish pinstripes is this fabulous suit from Swedish designer, J.Lindeberg. This is another outfit we’d like to see our hubby wear. It’s cheaper than the previous two at US$1,140.

pinstripe suits in victor cruz j lindeberg

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