Peter Parker Spiderman Jacket: Andrew Garfield John Varvatos Zip Hoodie

Peter Parker Spiderman Jacket: Andrew Garfield John Varvatos Zip Hoodie. Look who’s wearing a John Varvatos jacket? It’s Andrew Garfield aka Peter Parker in The Amazing Spiderman. Okay, in the absence of any official word from the film makers or the movie’s costume designers, we’re not really REALLY 100% sure that Spiderman is wearing a John Varvatos jacket but his outfit above does look like this front zip hooded jacket from the designer’s collection, right?

Peter Parker Spiderman Jacket

Or maybe they’re just lookalikes?

Peter Parker Spiderman Jacket Andrew Garfield

More photos of this Peter Parker Spiderman jacket as seen on Andrew on The Amazing Spiderman.

Two more photos of our superhero boyfriend with a different jacket. [Yeah, we’re calling him our superhero boyfriend because Thor didn’t return our call. Haha. We can dream, can’t we?] What’s the label of Peter’s jacket below? Sadly, we don’t know and we are too clueless to venture a guess. If you do know the label, do tell us in the comments.

Peter Parker Spiderman Jacket John Varvatos Hoodie

Peter Parker Spiderman Jacket in Amazing Spiderman

Of course, Peter ain’t the only one who got to wear some pretty chic jackets. His “girl of interest”, Gwen, has wore some pretty chic jackets/coats in the movie too. Check out her the coat below.

Peter Parker Spiderman Jacket Andrew Garfield Hoodie

If you’re a girl, we’re pretty sure you said, “I like to buy a coat like that!” which Myla (Deena’s daughter) said after we finished watching the movie. Her mom, on the other hand, was more interested in the Flash Thompson character which, admittedly, we both have a crush on. Does this mean Deena and I have turned into cougars? [Kevin’s answer: Nope. An older woman becomes a cougar only if she’s able to ensnare a cub. If you don’t have a cub, you’re just a sad older lady crushing on a younger man.]

Ugh. We’re hurt by Kevin’s answer but that’s one of the reasons we’re friends with him. He’ll tell you the truth, no matter what.

We’ll end here because we’re off to get us a cub in real life. Wish us luck. Meantime, if you want more of Andrew Garfield, check out a post we wrote earlier about him: Andrew Garfield Underwear: Boxers or Briefs.

Peter Parker Spiderman Jacket: Andrew Garfield John Varvatos Zip Hoodie. Posted 13 July 2012.