Ryan Lochte Speedo: Best Male Summer Body?

Ryan Lochte Speedo: Does He Have the Best Male Summer Body? Check out Ryan Lochte and his tight Speedo on the cover of Men’s Journal for August 2012. Sexy and hot. Yay.

Despite Deena’s crossed fingers and endless prayers to heaven, the rumor we reported four years ago that Ryan is gonna model for Calvin Klein Underwear turned out to be just a rumor. See Ryan Lochte in Calvin Klein Underwear.

Well, Deena should be consoled by the fact that this American hunk is on the cover of Men’s Journal wearing nothing but a pair of black Speedo swimsuit. This is as good as him in CK briefs right, Deena?

ryan lochte speedo

Clearly, Deena isn’t the only one loving her some Ryan Lochte. The editors of Men’s Health Journal are loving them some Lochte too as they named him the Guy With the Best Summer Body in 2012 and noted how he “vanguished” Michael Phelps in their head-to-head races during last year’s World Championships.

ryan lochte speedo best summer body

Does he really have the best summer body? Deena says “YES” in all-caps while we are still reserving judgment as we still haven’t gone to watch Magic Mike. We’re told Channing Tatum and Joe Mangasomething have perfect bodies in that stripper movie which can give stiff competition to Ryan’s water-sculpted hunkiness.

Anyhoo, the guys and gals of Men’s Journal are calling the three-time Olympic gold medalist as America’s Next Olympic Superstar. Note to Men’s Journal: In our book, he already IS an Olympic Superstar who what are you talking about? If he wins more Olympic golds — which he very well can considering his gold harvest in the 2011 World Swimming Championships — then he’ll become a Bigger Olympic Superstar than he already is. For the record we predict that Ryan, who told Men’s Journal that he’d be happy whether he wins one or 20 medals in London, will win 5-6 gold medals in the London Games. Wanna bet?

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Ryan Lochte Speedo: Does He Have the Best Male Summer Body? Posted 11 July 2012.