Andrew Garfield Underwear: Briefs or Boxers?

Andrew Garfield Underwear: Briefs or Boxers? We’ve seen him modeling a stylish vest and we saw him in his suit and tie [see post below], now here’s new Spiderman Andrew Garfield in his Y Fronts briefs underwear. Obviously, Andrew is a briefs guy rather than a boxers guy, no? These pics are from the mystery crime movie, Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1983.

andrew garfield underwear briefs

More photos below.

andrew garfield underwear

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Andrew Garfield aka Spiderman in Black Suit and Tie Fashion
03 July 2010

Andrew Garfield, who takes the starring role in the future editions of the Spiderman movie franchise, is looking great in his red-carpet suit. The pic was taken during the BAFTA awards where he bagged himself a best actor award. Is Andrew the next big thing in Hollywood? It all depends on whether the next Spiderman movie will bring in the bucks! Our congratulations to Andrew for bagging the coveted role and we wish him luck as he undertakes his biggest project evah!


Andrew Garfield is Also a Boxers Guy
31 October 2011

Looks like we spoke too soon because, apparently, this British hunk is also a “boxers guy”. Here are still photos from his surprise hit, The Social Network, which shows him wearing a pair of tight boxer briefs.

Can he keep up with the famous Kardashian bum? We think he can!

andrew garfield underwear boxer briefs

What is our Andrew doing?

andrew garfield underwear boxers

Oh, it seems like there’s a fire he’s gonna put out.

Andrew’s Spiderman Spandex Suit: We’ve been talking about Andrew as Spiderman in our previous posts so we think it would be incomplete if we don’t publish this photos of him wearing his tight body-hugging superhero suit.

andrew garfield spandex suit

What do you think? Fits him nicely from front to back, eh?

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