Nine Uniqlo Celebrity Endorsers and Fans: A Famewatcher List

Uniqlo Celebrity Endorsers and Fans: The Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo (short for unique clothing) is conquering the world. Without a doubt, the brand has found a global audience. You know why? Because Uniqlo outfits are low cost but are stylish. They are pretty affordable but are very fashionable. They’re no frills but are trendy. To quote our friend Deena about Uniqlo, “If you’re a mom and buy some Uniqlo clothes for your teenage son, he won’t be embarrassed to wear them.”

From its humble beginnings in Yamaguchi, Japan the brand is now found in Australia, Europe (Germany, France, the UK, Russia), Asia (Bangladesh, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, the Philippines and more), and the United States.

Nearly three years ago, we wrote a post about celebrities who love them their Uniqlo (see Uniqlo Bubble Jackets), this is an update to that list but, this time, we are focusing on the brand’s celebrity endorsers as well as those who modeled Uniqlo outfits.

Tennis Player Novak Djokovic. Does Novak have a career in modeling once he retires his tennis racquet? Unlikely. But with a total prize money of US$ 62,339,247 (and counting) to his name, there ain’t no need for our quirky and fun Novak to find a second career.

novak djokovic models uniqlo - runway

Golfer Adam Scott. Aussie cutie Adam Scott is currently ranked as the world’s no. 1 golfer. His growing list of achievements include winning the US Masters Tournament in 2013.

adam scott uniqlo

Soccer Star Carlos Mendes. He currently plays for the New York Cosmos football club.

carlos mendez endorsements - uniqlo

Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt. Our favorite young actor JGL models Uniqlo clothes on the pages of GQ Magazine.

uniqlo celebrity fans joseph-gordon-levitt-uniqlo-gq

Model Tom Odell. Is Tom Odell the ex-boyfriend of …. what’s the name of the daughter of Sharon Osbourne? [Deena correction: Actually, Tom is not a model but a singer/songwriter. You mistook him for Luke Worrall, the model and ex-boyfriend of Kelly Osbourne.]

uniqlo celebrity endorsers- tom odell - ss2014 ad

Tennis Player Kei Nishikori. This Japanese tennis player has risen to the top of the ranks and, because of his lucrative endorsements, is the 10th best paid tennis star in 2013. Click at the link for more details.

uniqlo celebrity endorsers - kei nishikori

Music Superstar Pharrell. It’s no surprise that Uniqlo and Pharrell have decided to collaborate. They’re both conquerors: the Japanese clothing company is conquering the world of fashion while Pharrell is conquering the world of music.

uniqlo celebrity endorsers and fans - pharrell

Actor Darren Criss. Our favorite Glee actor Darren Criss in a Uniqlo puffer jacket.

uniqlo darren criss

Jazz Musician Esperanza Spalding. Esperanza looks cool and pretty in this in-store billboard.

uniqlo endorsers - esperanza spalding

Actor Orlando Bloom. The Lord of the Rings actor in Uniqlo slim fit straight jeans. By the way, we included Uniqlo in our list of our guide to the best Japanese jeans.

uniqlo celebrity endorsers orlando bloom slim fit jeans

Of course Uniqlo also makes underwear. Watch out for a future post where we will look at what people are saying about Uniqlo underoos.

uniqlo underwear for men

That’s it for now fellow Famewatchers. Are you a fan of the Uniqlo brand? Tell us why you are loving your Uniqlo in the comments.

Uniqlo Celebrity Endorsers and Fans. Posted 4 January 2014. Last updated: December 13, 2019 at 5:38 am.