Black Actors Doing Gay Roles in Movies: Part II

Black Actors Doing Gay Roles. This is the second part of our list of black actors gay movies. You can check out the first part of our list in the preceding link.

So let us begin Part II with the very talented Forest Whitaker who boasts of an Academy award as well as tons of other acting trophies. In the critically acclaimed movie The Crying Game, our Forest played a kidnapped British soldier in a relationship with a transgender woman.

black actors gay movie roles forest whitaker

Another multi-awarded black actor who played a gay character is Jeffrey Wright. He played Norman “Belize” Ariaga in the HBO miniseries Angels in America. He won two acting trophies – an Emmy and a Golden Globe – for his work in the series.

black actors doing gay roles - jeffrey wright

Third in our list of black actors doing gay roles is Tracy Morgan. Check out the funny man as a cheerleader in The Longest Yard.

black actors going gay roles - tracy morgan in longest yard

If you watched The Wire, you’d have appreciated Michael K. Williams’ turn as Omar Little on the much acclaimed HBO series.

black actors doing gay roles - michael k williams the wire

We already mentioned Charlie Barnett in our earlier post, but the guy deserves props for portraying more than one gay character. Here’s our favorite Chicago Fire stud in bed with co-star Leroy McClain in the movie Happy Sad.

charlie barnett gay in happy sad with leroy mcclain

Two other guys who deserve to be added to our list of black actors doing gay roles are Benjamin Charles Watson and Andra Fuller. The two play lovers in the short-lived drama series, The L.A. Complex.

black actors doing gay roles - benjamin watson andra fuller

Let us end this post with the hot threesome of Darryl Stephens, Jensen Atwood, and Mervin Mondesir who sizzled in their respective roles in the TV dramedy, Noah’s Arc.

black actors doing gay roles

Since there are many more names to add to this list, you can expect us to write Part III and Part IV in the future. For instance, we already wrote a post about Trevante Rhodes who stars in what may turn out to be the most influential gay black film but we still haven’t written about his co-stars. Watch out for that in the coming weeks.

Black Actors Doing Gay Roles in Movies: Part II. First posted 2 November 2016. Last updated: March 2, 2020 at 8:04 am.