Vladislav Doronin Naomi Campbell Romance: Hot Couple Alert

Vladislav Doronin Naomi Campbell Romance Scandal. Hey, didn’t we tell you, like, two years ago that Vladislav Doronin is a hottie. Yes, we did. Obviously, her girlfriend Naomi Campbell think’s he’s hot too because she’s bringing him like a priced trophy wherever she goes – from festivals, to red carpet events, to practically everywhere she goes to show him off. You’d think Vladimir’s got a trophy girlfriend but its actually Naomi who’s got herself a trophy boyfriend. Did you notice how Naomi, who’s nearly a has-been before she hooked up with Doronin, has remained in the limelight? Well, the reason for that is Doronin. The press can ignore an aging Supermodel with bad attitude who treats people poorly but they can’t resist a self-made Russian billionaire.

Anyhoo, as we were saying, Vladimir Doronin is a Russian hottie. Let us count the ways he is hot.

He is “geek hot”.

He is hot with them gorgeous blue eyes.

He is hot when he’s shirtless.

vladislav doronin sexy russian billionaire

He is hot in his swim trunks or beach shorts.

vladislav doronin naomi campbell

He is hot in his slim suit.

He is hot in his tight white shirt. [We can see Simon Cowell getting very envious of this guy?]

If he ain’t a billionaire, he could have been a male Supermodel so it’s no wonder that Naomi is running after him. Well, she is in this picture.