Sean Connery Underwear: Briefs, Posing Trunks, Boxer Shorts

sean connery underwear - boxer shorts - james bond never say never again

Sean Connery Underwear Update (17 February 2017). You think we are done blogging about Sean Connery and his underoos. Of course we are not. So here’s our international movie icon biking around in his boxer shorts. The image is from his James Bond movie, Never Say Never Again.

Jon Hamm Underwear: Boxers, Briefs, or Commando?

Jon Hamm Underwear. If you are a superfan, you might have wondered about your idol’s — The Last Alpha Male according to Details Magazine — underwear. Does he wear loose boxers or does he wear tight briefs? Well, if a National Enquirer article is to be believed, Jon doesn’t wear any underwear underneath them trousers which reportedly scandalizes his Mad Men co-stars.

Brian J Smith Gay or Straight? Boxers Underwear

brian j smith gay kiss miguel silvestre sense8-4

Brian J Smith Gay or Straight? Is American actor Brian J Smith gay or straight? Hmm. We actually have no answer for this one. We thought he’s straight and married but it turns out he’s not and we it turns out too that we were thinking of another actor. Now, Brian has played lots of gay roles and, in a 2009 interview with Joseph Malozzi, says he has no problem with getting typecast for such roles: