Cameron Mathison Underwear and Speedo Model Turned Actor

Cameron Mathison Underwear and Speedo Model Turned Actor. Cameron Mathison is a time waster. By this we mean that we spent an inordinate amount of time oohing and aahing while we discovered his photos on the internets.

cameron mathison speedo and boxer shorts

So here are some of the things we said while we were checking him out and appreciating his manly gorgeousness : 1) Wow, he looks great in that Speedo. 2) Is he wearing leather pants? 3) Hmmmm. He is the total embodiment of a hot guy shirtless in jeans. 4) Wow. Apparently he posed for Playgirl Magazine. 5) We did not know six pack abs were also a thing in the 90s. 5) Damn, he is really purty. We could go on and on repeating our live takes but you get the idea.

Anyhoo, we think we’ll be blogging about this Canadian hottie not only today but in the future as well. For this post, we will be focusing on appreciating his underoos and Speedos which are the ones that initially captured our attention.

cameron mathison underwear model

Although Cameron is now famous as an actor (particularly for the long-running ABC soap opera All My Children), he actually started as a male model as you can see in the print ad above for Eaton department store as well as in the next pic below where he’s posing in Jockey briefs and undershirt.

cameron mathison white briefs underwear

As mentioned above, he made it to the cover of Playgirl Magazine but unfortunately for you and for us, despite our best efforts, we can’t find any accompanying photos of him which may have been published inside the pages of the mag when he was the cover boy.

cameron mathison playgirl underwear

Having fun with the sea and sun, he’s looking gorgeous in a pair of blue squarecut swimsuit. Want more male celebrity Speedo?

cameron mathison speedo

Even after he graduated from male modeling, our Cameron didn’t mind dropping his trousers to show us his underoos. We do not know if this is part of the scene for the ABC TV movie (Holidaze) he’s shooting with co-star Jennie Garth or whether the two are just goofing around.

cameron mathison underwear pants down - home again - with jennie garth

Here’s a more recent photo of Cameron, looking every inch a hot zaddy in his Speedos.

cameron mathison older shirtless in speedo

Oh, we almost forgot to include this.

cameron mathison underwear boxer briefs

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