Male Celebrities Wearing Short Shorts

Male Celebrities Wearing Short Shorts: Nowadays, not a lot of men wear booty shorts or short shorts. In fact, if you’re the kind of guy who like short shorts, it is very likely that someone will make fun of your choice of fashion. But it’s not been like that in the past. Our fashionable daddies and granddaddies used to love them their short shorts. For instance, check out Hollywood icon John Wayne rocking his badass shorts. Surely, there is no Hollywood actor, past or present, who is manlier than John Wayne, no? So if men’s booty shorts is A-OK with him, it should be okay for other men, right?

male celebrities wearing short shortts- john wayne

Here’s another Hollywood icon Cary Grant with rumored “partner” Randolph Scott.

sexy mens shorts - Cary-Grant and randolph scott

Now, although not a lot of guys would be caught dead wearing something that is too revealing, it does not mean that men’s booty shorts are a thing of the past. Here are current Hollywood stars who are rocking their short shorts.

Hangover star Bradley Cooper with another actor on the set of the upcoming movie, American Sniper, which is scheduled for release in 2015.

bradley cooper shorts - american sniper movie

Next up is Nip/Tuck actor Julian McMahon, seen here at the beach wearing really short and really tight shorts which we originally mistook for a squarecut Speedo swimtrunks. [See Julian in our earlier post Older Men Wearing Speedos.]

male celebrities wearing short shorts julian mcmahon

We’re pretty sure you’ve already seen this photo of Jon Hamm (aka Mad Men’s Don Draper) looking fabulous with his tight shorty shorts.

male celebrity short shorts -jon hamm don draper

Ahh, Zac Efron. He’s really managed to move on from his Disney-boy days. Well and good! We thought this pic was from a movie but according to the internets it’s actually a pic of The Neighbors star taken during a Halloween party where our pretty boy dressed up as a Reno 911 character.

mens booty shorts - zac efron

If there’s anyone you should thank for wearing men’s booty shorts in real life, it should be Portuguese football/soccer Cristiano Ronaldo. Seems like the guy really really loves him this kind of outfit. Yay! [Want to see more of Cristiano? Check him out in his wet underwear briefs.]

mens short shorts 2014 - cristiano ronaldo

Last but not the least of our booty-shorts-wearing male celebrity is our 1990s crush, Tom Selleck. Damn, ain’t he hawt!

Tom-Selleck shorts

Who of these men in short shorts is your favorite?

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