Japanese Hunks List: Who’s the Hottest of Them All?

Japanese Hunks List: Who’s the Hottest of Them All? It’s been nearly five years since we blogged about Japanese hunks so we decided to bring you this group of 11 hot men (male models, actors, musicians, athletes) from Japan as well as those from outside of Japan but are of Japanese descent. First up is male model Daisuke Ueda.

japanese male model hunk 2014 - Daisuke-Ueda

Daisuke has been modeling since 2010 and has modeled for top fashion brands such as Uniqlo, Dior Homme, Dolce & Gabbana, Gap, Z Zegna, Bikkembergs, Paul Smith, and too many more to mention. He’s modeling all over the world from top markets such as Paris to London to NYC to Tokyo and secondary ones like Antwerp, Toronto, and Copenhagen. Way to go, Daisuke!

Our second Japanese model is hunky hottie Hideo Muraoka. To quote buzzfeed.com, this gorgeous stunner is “half-Japanese, half Brazilian, and ALL PERFECTION”.

japanese hunks 2014 - Hideo Muraoka by Wong Sim2

Next up in our list of 11 Hot Japanese Men is actor/singer Takeshi Kaneshiro. If you love Chinese films, we won’t be surprised if you saw Takeshi’s awesomeness in the beautiful Zhang Yimou film, House of Flying Daggers.


CONFESSION TIME: Every time we watch Grant Imahara in Mythbusters, we can’t help but think about doing the dirty with him. Hehe. We can’t help it! The guy is hawt, hawt, hawt!

japanese hunks 2014 - grant imahara

When we saw the movie Inception a few years back we’re like, “Who’s that sexy daddyish Asian guy?” Turns out that his name is Ken Watanabe. Apparently, he also starred in Memoirs of a Geisha, Letters From Iwo Jima, and The Last Samurai which earned him an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor.

japanese sexy hunks 2014 - ken watanabe

Awww! Look who’s wearing a fundoshi on stage? It’s 29-year-old singer/actor/songwriter Ryo Nishikido. [Want more men in fundoshi underwear?]

Famewatchers, meet Gackt Camui aka Gackt aka Kamui Gakuto. A native of Okinawa, this 40-year-old hottie is mostly known as a rockstar but he’s also got some acting, producing, writing credits under his belt.

japanese hunks sexy 2014 - Gackt Camui

Not unexpectedly, male model Takuya Nakamura is our friend Kevin’s “most favorite” among our 11 Japanese hunks. Kevin insists that Takuya is the “hottest of them all” but we disagree with him because we think the “hottest” title belongs to Grant Imahara. You agree with us (and not Kevin), right?

Kazuki Kato is a pop singer/actor from Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture. There’s not a lot of information about him on the internets which is who our friend Kevin would like to know whether Kazuki has a girlfriend. If you happen to know the answer, do tell in the comments.

sexy japanese hunks - Kazuki Kato

What do fundoshi-wearing Ryo Nishikido (see above) and our next Japanese hunk, Tomohisa Yamashita, have in common? Apparently, both of them used to be members of a Japanese boyband called NEWS (it stands for North, East, West, South). Aside from being a “boybander”, Tomohisa is also an actor, radio host, and TV presenter.

shirtless japanese hunks - singer Tomohisa Yamashita

Our last, but certainly not the least, Japanese hunk is baseball star Yu Darvish. Born in Osaka, Yu is one of several Japanese baseball stars who managed to cross over to the United States. He’s currently the starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers of the Major League Baseball (MLB).

yu darvish 2014 - shirtless

So who of these hunky Japanese guys is your favorite?

Japanese Hunks List: Who’s the Hottest of Them All? Posted 9 June 2014. Last updated: March 16, 2020 at 6:09 am.