Liquid Leather Jackets For Men and Boys — Plus Girls Too

Liquid Leather Jacket For Men and Boys — Plus Girls Too. Since we’re all about Belstaff clothes and outfits for men today, check out the liquid leather jackets of these three gorgeous male models. Which of these three would you want to buy and take home? We’re referring to the leather jackets, not the hunks, okay? The guys are obviously not for sale and not to be taken home. Hehe.

liquid leather jacket for men

We must say that we like the second jacket (the one immediately below this paragraph) the best.

liquid leather jacket belstaff fall winter

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Of course, it ain’t just Belstaff which manufactures liquid leather jackets. They’ve got good competition in other brands such as Italian label, Dolce and Gabbana. [Ever tried wearing nothing but your white tighty-whities with your leather jacket like this model is doing? Is it cool or “rednecky”? Haha!]

liquid leather jacket dolce gabbana

Emporio Armani has black liquid leather jackets too, like this one from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2011 menswear collection.

liquid leather jacket armani

French high-end designer label, Calvin Klein, has its own version of shiny leather. Here’s our imaginary male model boyfriend David Agbodji rocking his CK leather outfit.

calvin klein liquid leather jacket

Of course liquid leather jackets are not just for the boys. They’re for the girls too. In fact, we think they’re more apt for girls because, seriously, do you think men and boys can wear shiny clothes without looking like a clown or a wannabe Liberace impersonator?

Anyhoo, here’s a cute girl looking fab in her Members Only liquid leather jacket.

members only liquid leather jacket

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