Ewan McGregor Leather Jacket in Long Way Down

ewan mcgregor belstaff leather jacket in born to ride campaign

Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman in Long Way Up. Damn! Ewan and Charlie are living the life, ain’t they? Did you know that the two British pals made a new show driving around the world in their bikes? It’s called Long Way Up and they traveled from Ushuaia in Patagonia, the southernmost tip of South America, to Los Angeles in the good ole U.S. of A. Total miles traveled: 13,000! Of course, the two wore Belstaff moto outfits as they did in their previous two journeys (i.e., Long Way Down and Long Way Round). Go check out the show on Apple+ TV.

Six Celebrities Wearing Belstaff Leather Jackets

celebrities wearing belstaff leather jacket - Tyrese-Gibson-Belstaff-Leather-Jacket-brown

Six Celebrities Wearing Belstaff Leather Jackets. What do David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Kristen Stewart, Tyrese Gibson, and Nick Jonas have in common? Apparently, they all love them their Belstaff leather jacket. Beckham, in particular, has been spotted several times wearing his Belstaff.

Expendables Jason Statham Leather Jacket: Belstaff Pegaso Blouson

expendables Jason Statham Leather Jacket by belstaff

Expendables Jason Statham Leather Jacket: Belstaff Pegaso Blouson. Want more men in Belstaff leather jackets? Here’s English platform diver turned actor/martial artist Jason Statham kinda looking funny in his Belstaff Pegaso blouson. Did you see him in his latest movie, The Expendables, where he co-stars with other major action stars? Jason is a badass actor, we tell you. He should team up with Jet Li for an action-comedy movie where they will do a lot of butt kicking. They would be fun to watch.

How Much is a Belstaff Leather Jacket?

how much is a belstaff leather jacket classic ecelsior motorcycle jacket - cost

How Much is a Belstaff Leather Jacket? How much money should you put in your wallet (or reserve in your credit card) if you are planning to buy one of those fabulous leather jackets? It depends, of course, on the particular jacket you are interesting in buying but the company’s website reveals that the price ranges from the most affordable $1,495 to the most expensive $4,995. The particular jacket seen in the male model above which is the Excelsior should cost you $1,595. Here’s a frontal view of the Belstaff Excelsior.

Hot Guys in Leather Jacket: John Mayer, Singer With Style

hot guys in leather jacket - john meyer singer with style

Hot Guys in Leather Jacket: John Mayer, Singer With Style (updated from 27 October 2009). Cute singer John Mayer walks down the street of — well we don’t know where he is but doesn’t he look cute in his black leather jacket. Admittedly, we are not pleased with him at all for reportedly going back to that old hag Jennifer Aniston but people have done worst things in the name of love. Maybe he does love her, no? But we kinda suspect that this “John and Jen are back in each other’s arms” which you read in tabloids are being planted by Jen’s publicist.

Belstaff Leather Jacket: Men’s Runway Looks

Belstaff Leather Coats Mens Runway: Male Models Wearing Belstaff. Timeless long coats for men made by the Belstaff folks. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, these Belstaff leather clothes – from back in 2008 and 2009 – will withstand the test of time.

belstaff leather coats for men
But then again, come to think of it, don’t all leather outfits stand the test of time?