Lance Parker Underwear Modeling and Shirtless Photos

Lance Parker Underwear Modeling and Shirtless Photos. If Olivier Giroud is considered by some to be the French version of David Beckham, then who is the American version of The Becks? We’d like to suggest Lance Parker, a cute hunky boy from Oklahoma who like the ex-Galaxy star likes to kick balls on the pitch and to model on the side. More importantly (if you are like our friend Kevin this is the most important), Lance does not mind modeling in his underwear or his swimsuit and he looks pretty good in them. Okay, let us see which of his underwear/swimwear outfits suits him the best.

lance parker underwear model

Is this squarecut swimwear the best for Lance? Want to see more male celebrity squarecut swimsuits?

lance parker speedo

Or would you rather that he’d stick to skimpy red briefs which, from the looks of it, appears to be Calvin Klein?

lance parker underwear calvin klein

Or is N2N, rather than CK, the better brand for our hairy hottie?

Personally, our favorite for him is this black thingie.

lance parker underwear modeling n2n

But what does Lance personally prefer when it comes to the “boxers or briefs” question. Well, in an interview with, he prefers a combination of the two, i.e., boxer briefs. Here’s what he says (via kikette): “Boxer briefs. It gives you the support you need, but are still comfortable to wear around all day.” Not a bad choice, eh.

He also reveals in said interview that he was bromantic with Daniel Antoniuk: “Usually we don’t get to choose who we get to room with when on the road for away games, but definitely last year my roommate, Daniel Antoniuk, was my bromance. We got along really well. No matter where we went or what we were doing we were having a blast.”

Ain’t that cute? Does Lance have a girlfriend? He told kickette that he used to have one but he’s apparently single and available now. We’ve still got a chance, ladies.

lance parker shirtless

Our Lance currently plays as the goalkeeper for FC Edmonton which is based in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. According to wiki, he also played for Chicago Fire Premier, DFW Tornados, Colorado Rapids U23, Chivas USA, and Miami FC.

Lance Parker Underwear Modeling and Shirtless Photos. Posted 4 December 2012.