Tre Holloway Shirtless, Underwear Peekabo, and Body Beautiful Abs

Tre Holloway Shirtless, Underwear Peekabo, and Body Beautiful Abs. Our friend Deena asks: Why are famous female singers suddenly hooking up with their backup dancers? First we have the Queen of Assets herself Jennifer Lopez hooking up with her dancer Casper Smart. Then, next thing you know, Cheryl Cole is now apparently shacking up with a dancer dude named Tre Holloway.

tre holloway cheryl cole

Our answer: Well Deena, first of all singers bumping uglies with their dancers is nothing new so there’s really nothing “sudden” about what J-Lo and CheCo are doing. We’d bet a thousand bucks that this hooking up dates back to the age of Methuselah when people “invented” the art of singing and dancing.

Secondly, dancers got the moves and girls like us are, well, easily impressed with guys who’ve got the moves. We dated a dancer once and boy were we not surprised when his awesome moves on stage extended to the bedroom. He may be a douche 90% of the time but we have no reason to complain when it comes to his bedroom powers. Haha. So we get the appeal of dancers and we fully understand why famous female celebrities are making them their arm candy boytoys.

tre holloway shirtless

Anyhoo, let’s go back to CheCo and Tre Holloway, shall we? Check them out looking oh-so-happy indeed. He because he is dating a British superstar (we’re not sure if she truly qualifies as a superstar but there’s no reason for us to not be generous with the coming Christmas season and all) and she because … well, who wouldn’t want a piece of them sexy washboard abs?

tre holloway underwear peekabo

Now some of you fellow Famewatchers are looking for underwear photos of Chery Cole’s current squeeze but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s the “lemme pose in my underwear” kind of guy. But we do have this photo where his grey underwear is peeking through his jeans. We’d like to think that Tre’s underwear is trying to free itself from its denim prison. Haha.

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Note: Our friend Kevin reminded me that Cheryl Cole was, incidentally, also linked to Derek Hough so she’s obviously into dancing dudes.

Tre Holloway Shirtless, Underwear Peekabo, and Body Beautiful Abs. Posted 2 December 2012.