Tyler Boulet: Pretty Boy on MTV’s Buckwild

If you are like our friend Kevin, you’d be looking forward to the upcoming MTV reality show Buckwild because of the cutie hunk that is Tyler Boulet. Look at them bulging biceps. Our pretty boy must have been working out Buckwild style, no? Love, love, love it.

Anyhoo here’s what MTV says about its latest reality star: “‘The Pretty Boy’ Known for his innocent good looks, Tyler has a reputation for leaving a trail of broke hearts all over town. He recently finished up another semester in college but the flexible schedule of working at his dad’s company sometimes seems more enticing. Recently Shain and Joey have taken Tyler under their wing on a mission to make him less of a pretty boy and more of a country man.”

Obviously, one can de-prettify (is this a word?) one’s self by playing in the mud which, based on the pic below, is something that Tyler gets himself into during the show. In fact, the producers are promising some mud-fighting so we’re looking forward to our pretty boy wrestle in the mud.

Tyler may have “innocent good looks” as MTV says but this does not mean that he is an angel. In fact, Hollywood Lite has dug up some mugshots of our West Virginia hunk. This first one was reportedly taken last February 2012.

And the next one is from June 2012.

And what misdemeanors did Tyler do to deserve the “honor” of being booked and getting his mug shot? Well, we don’t know the reason why he was arrested last February but for his second arrest, mugshots.com tells us his booking information which are as follows:

Tyler Elliott Boulet
Age: 20
Birth date: 6/08/1992
Booking Date: 6/11/2012 at 23:27
Ethnic Group: AMERICAN (US)
Full Address: FAYETTE, WV 25136
Gender: MALE
Release Date: 6/12/2012 at 05:02

Which of the mugshots do you like better? We here at Famewatcher are partial to the first one coz he’s looking dreamy and cute and all. Haha.

Buckwild is being touted as the new Jersey Shore, the reality hit show that gave us the likes of Pauly D, The Situation, and Snooki. Does this mean Tyler and company will soon model underwear — like Mike Sorrentino The Situation Underwear. Or will he produce his own clothing line [like Pauly D’s Dirty Couture] or write books that make it to the New York Times bestseller list [like Snooki]?

In ending this post, here are some questions you asked about Tyler and our attempt to answer them:

Does Tyler Boulet have a girlfriend? We don’t know. Maybe we will find it out once Buckwild airs this coming January.

How old is Tyler? The booking info above tells us he’s 20 years old and that he was born 08 June 1992.

How tall is he? He is 6 feet tall but he’s only 20 so he could grow taller. He also weighs 175 lbs.

Does he have shirtless photos? Heh. We can’t find any at the moment. But if you happen to have such photos, do send it to us. [UPDATE: Here you go!]

tyler boulet no shirt smooth body

He’s pretty smooth, huh?

shirtless tyler boulet

shirtless tyler boulet buckwild

Is Tyler Boulet’s underwear boxers or briefs? Haha. We’d like to think of him wearing tight briefs but we’re guessing that he’s like Pauly D who likes him his boxer briefs. See Pauly D in Underwear.

Is he gay? Heh! What kind of question is that! Well, does this mean our Tyler is now that famous such that people are asking the “is he gay” question that they ask of George Clooney (who is 2/3rds gay: see George Clooney is Gay Gay), Ricky Martin (who came out), and Brad Pitt. We’re gonna guess that Tyler is a more of a Brad Pitt than a Ricky Martin.