Kolten Wong Shirtless: Gay or Has Girlfriend?

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Who’s the guy above with the most perfect of bodies? That guy, fellow clueless Famewatcher is Kolten Wong. He is a Hawaiian Chinese baseball pro currently playing for the St. Louis Cardinals. Let’s hope he keeps his body in the best of shape because baseballer have the tendency to go fat. Hehe.

It’s been almost two years since Kolten joined the MLB (that’s Major League Baseball for you non-sport fans) and he’s doing really well so far.

For instance, here’s what Number Fire (a sports website) is saying about our Kolten:

Aside from St. Louis Cardinal fans, most people may not be aware of the great season Kolten Wong is having. He is currently having the best season of his career and is showing astounding improvements in multiple aspects of his offensive production, which is promising for the Cardinals, who currently rank seventh in our power rankings.

And here’s one from Hawaii News Now:

The 2015 season has been very kind to Kolten Wong and this summer, “Molten Kolten” has a strong chance at making an MLB All-Star Game appearance.

The Hilo native and Cardinals second baseman Kolten Wong came in second among players in his position in the first ballot of the National League All Star voting.

Wong currently has six home runs this season and is batting .337 through May.

If those positive news reports does not predict a bright future for our 24 year old ballplayer, we don’t know what will.

If he continues to do well, he might emerge as the baseball player with the biggest fanbase around the world because he is getting pretty big in China. His dad, Kaha Wong, is Chinese while his mother, Keala Wong, is Hawaiian.

Kolten Wong Shirtless Photos. For those of you looking for Kolten Wong shirtless pics. Enjoy, betchezzz! If you want more shirtless baseballers, check out our post on Shirtless Anthony Recker.

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Is Kolten Wong Gay or Straight? Our friend Kevin (who has the tendency to think that every hot guy is gay) says the pic of Kolten below has some kind of a gay vibe.

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Eh, Kevin. Stop with all your gay labeling. Kolten is straight and is dating girlfriend Alissa Noll. Here’s a pic of the happy lovers.


Kolten Wong Tattoos Meaning. In this video interview, from which we grabbed the above screencaps, Kolten tells us more about his tattoos and their meaning. His tattoos represent both his Chinese and Hawaiian heritage. Watch.

That’s it for now, fellow BaseballHunkWatchers!