Anthony Recker Shirtless Baseball Hunk: NY Mets Catcher

Anthony Recker Shirtless Baseball Hunk: NY Mets Catcher. We were listening to Bravo’s Andy Cohen on Howard Stern and he talked about his love for baseball and the men who play the game. He specifically mentioned a New York Mets catcher named Anthony Vito Recker who he loves, loves, loves because Anthony apparently has the sexiest derriere in the world.


Naturally, we were intrigued and we went googling to know more about the hawtness of Anthony Vito Recker. What did we found out? That Andy is telling the truth: Anthony is so damn sexy who can give that Rob Kardashian guy a run for his booty modeling money!


Damn! We understand why Cohen is love, love, loving this guy!


Holy canoly, baby!




Anthony’s derriere is so famous it even has its own Twitter account. We ain’t gonna link to it though because our grandmama might spank us.

Anthony Recker Shirtless Photo. Unfortunately, despite lots and lots of googling, we can’t find a shirtless photo of this baseball jock. Fortunately, we did a post on shirtless baseball players which should make you feel better. Haha.

And here’s another shirtless baseball player (or, more accurately, a gorgeous sexy model posing as a baseball player).


Oh wait, turns out there are shirtless Anthony Recker photos out there. Just a minute of “Binging” brought us to Kelly Recker’s Instagram (follow her @kellyrecker) which gave us this:

anthony recker shirtless baseball - ny mets

… and this.

anthony recker shirtless baseball hunk

… and our favorite shirtless Anthony Recker photo even if its from distance.

anthony recker shirtless2

In her Instagram account, Kelly wrote of the above photo: “It’s 6 am, we just woke up to read on the deck. Ant saw a bag in the ocean and just had to go get it so no fish would get stuck in it. I married the sweetest guy.”

Awww. Lucky girl! We don’t know anything about Anthony Recker before we heard Cohen talking about him but we’re now totally on board the Team Anthony (or Team Anthony and Kelly) train because of the above act of removing a plastic bag out of the ocean.

Apparently, Kelly is aware that Andy Cohen has a crush on his man. And she’s cool about it. Here’s a pic of Andy and Kelly with the following message: “Andy Cohen selfie! He thinks my husband is hot!! Haha love it!”

anthony-recker-hot - kelly with andy cohen

Awww. Ain’t she a cool gal?!!!

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