Kate Middletons Alexander McQueen “Controversial” Red Dress

Kate Middletons Alexander McQueen “Controversial” Red Dress. Did future queen Kate Middleton commit a fashion faux pas when she wore this bright red Alexander McQueen dress to a Queen’s Jubilee event attended by Queen Elizabeth? Some fashion critics say she did because she stood out and, in the process, kinda stole the show from the Queen.

kate middletons alexander mcqueen controversial dress

Valid point, no? But can someone really outshine the Queen of England? We’d like to think that no matter what she is wearing and no matter what others surrounding her are wearing, the Queen will still be the center of attention and the Belle of the Ball forever and ever, till the end of time.

Seriously, she’s got gravitas with a capital G and will outshine whoever is in her sphere.

Anyhoo, for those of you who are wondering, the Duchess of Cambridge’s red hat is by Sylvia Fletcher from royal milliner James Lock & Co. Meanwhile, her “controversial” dress is from the Alexander McQueen ready to wear collection.

If it appears slightly, vaguely familiar to you, its because you might have seen the likes of reality star Kim Kardashian and X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos wear a sleeveless version of the dress. Check them out below. Who looks better in this Tulisa vs. Kim K fashion face-off.

We can see why celebrities are loving this dress; it’s classy and chic, simple yet attention-getting.

Kate and husband, Prince William who’s wearing a Royal Navy Submarine Service uniform because, as you very well know, he is a military officer. By the way, didn’t we tell you his hotness rating goes up a thousand times when his balding hair is concealed? We kind of feel bad for the guy. Oh well, at least he’s gonna be the King. Related: See Prince William’s Hair Transplant.

Another pic of Kate and her Alexander McQueen dress.

Kate Middletons Alexander McQueen “Controversial” Red Dress. Posted 4 June 2012.