Jesse Spencer Underwear and Shirtless Photos – Matthew Casey on Chicago Fire

Jesse Spencer Underwear and Shirtless Photos – Matthew Casey on Chicago Fire. From Charlie Barnett, let us move on to another Chicago Fire hunk who happens to be Kevin’s favorite — the cute and hunky Aussie hunk Jesse Spencer who plays the role of Matthew Casey.

Jesse Spencer shirtless - body hair

Hot fireman Jesse as Matthew Casey.

Matthew Casey hot fireman uniform

Before the 33-year-old actor became a regular on American TV (as Dr. Robert Chase on the medical drama House and now as a fireman on Chicago Fire), he first made a name for himself in his native Australia and, subsequently, in Britain where he played the role of Billy Kennedy on the long-running series, Neighbours. Check him out in this clip where he is wearing nothing but a pair of Speedos.

Our Jesse also donned his skimpy banana hammock on the 2003 biographical drama, Swimming Upstream, about the life of Aussie swimmer Tony Fingleton.

Here are some still photos of Jesse from Swimming Upstream. Jesse with Tim Draxl who played Tony’s brother John Fingleton.

jesse spencer and Tim Draxl in swimming upstream

Jesse with the great Aussie actor Geofrey Rush who played the alcoholic dad who, for some reason, disliked his son.

jesse spencer speedo in swimming upstream - with geoffrey rush

A young Jesse, as Tony Fingleton, gets ready to swim upstream.

jesse spencer speedo hunk

Who says you should not read a book near the swimming pool? Your friendly librarian will say it but certainly not our Jesse.

jesse spencer reading book - swimming

A portrait of a young man as a triumphant singer.

jesse spencer - young and wet

Jesse is shining wet after his lap in the swimming pool.

jesse spencer underwear - speedo - swimming

Another movie where our Jesse went shirtless is the 2003 Britanny Murphy starrer, Uptown Girls. Check him out with Britanny in the pic below.

jesse spencer topless - uptown girls with britanny murphy

Okay, so that’s what Jesse looks like shirtless a few years back. But how does he look now that he is several years older? Well, he is still a sizzling hunk of a man as you can see in his beach/surfing photo below.

jesse spencer surf hunk

Famewatcher Question: Does Jesse have a girlfriend? Is he dating someone? Well, he is dating Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira. He was engaged to House co-star Jennifer Morrison but they eventually broke off. In an interview with Time Out Chicago last year, Jesse was asked about his girlfriends:

There were several articles about your dating fellow House actor Jennifer Morrison. Are you finding now that you’re dating surfer Maya Gabeira, you’ve gotten some relief from that?
Much. A lot. All of my girlfriends have been actors, and I’ve realized that maybe it’s not for me—and find something else outside of the industry. And Maya, she’s still in an industry that’s sort of similar, that I can relate to it; she’s in the public eye a bit. Her father [Fernando Gabeira] actually is a controversial politician in Brazil, and a great guy.

Famewatcher Question 2: Is Jesse Spencer gay? Obviously not if he’s dating girls. The netizens of seem to agree as they only gave him a 67% gay rating which, as ratings go, is “quite straight”:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Jesse Spencer: According to 132 visitors Jesse Spencer is 67% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Jesse Spencer is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Still, there are some rumors out there on the internets which suggests that our Jesse is a friend of Dorothy. For instance, here’s a blind item from NY Daily News published shortly after he and ex-girlfriend Jennifer Morrison announced their engagement:

Which recently announced engagement between TV co-stars will come as a surprise to his Aussie boyfriend? Crikey!

The most common guess is Jesse Spencer. Whether true or not, who cares about Jesse’s sexuality! Okay, maybe his girlfriends should care but we internetizens have no business about it, right?

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