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Charlie Barnett Update. Have you watched the second season of Russian Doll yet? If not, go check it out on Netflix. It’s really, really good. If you loved the first season, you will also love this one. We are happy to note that there’s no sophomore slump for series creator Nataha Lyonne. We are also happy to note that our imaginary beau that is Charlie Barnett is back on our teevee! Yay! We are not sure about his mustache though. Hehe.

charlie barnett 2022 update

We don’t think it suits him at all. And it hides the actor’s boyish gorgeousness which made us fall in love with him in the first place. Anyhoo, we still love, love, love the guy despite this unfortunate facial hair. We hope he loses it in the third season. Oh we’re happy to note too that our Alan (aka the character played by Charlie) has got himself a love interest on the show. We won’t spill who he is so you’ll have to check out the show on Netflix. Haha.

Charlie Barnett Came Out as a Gay Dude (21 November 2019). We are updating this post, which we wrote back in 2013, simply to note that Charlie has apparently been out of the closet for a while now. In fact, according to, he came out when he was 13 years old and considers his gayness to be a gift that has helped him as an actor.

charlie barnett hot sexy

He says, “I’m incredibly thankful to have been born this way. It’s given me unbelievable gifts, and I know that each of my characters that I work on that are gay have some of those things that we would have to fight for–even today that I would have to fight for. It’s built up a certain kind of ability in myself as an artist that I’m forever f*cking grateful for.”

Charlie is currently starring in Tales of the City which you should go watch on Netflix because it is really good. It’s got Bob the Drag Queen too which is quite a treat.

Charlie Barnett Shirtless Photos Part II. We only had one shirtless pic of the hunky actor in our previous post but here’s another one we grabbed from Russian Doll which is also on Netflix.

charlie barnett shirtless

Want another one? Of course you do!

charlie barnett body russian doll

Charlie Barnett Boyfriend? Is he dating anyone at the moment? Does he have a boyfriend or partner? Yes, he does. In the Queerty article we referred to above, he mentions a partner when talking about gay black representation.

He says, “It’s incredibly amazing, of course. I was at home with my partner going over this question trying to figure out how to … answer it. It’s incredible and I think we all know that, having that opportunity. It was the first time I saw a man who looked like me and he was definitely open about his sexuality.”

We do not know who the lucky guy is but we’ll update this post once we find out in the future. For the time being, here’s Charlie and his Tales of the City TV boyfriend, Murray Bartlett.

charlie barnett boyfriend murray bartlett

Charlie Barnett Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? In this scene from Tales of the City, we see our Charlie in a pair of boxer briefs underwear.

charlie barnett underwear boxer briefs

For those of you who want a GIF version:

charlie barnett underwear tales of the city

Charlie Barnett – Peter Mills: Shirtless Chicago Fireman Hunk (8 February 2013). It’s hard to find shirtless photos of Charlie Barnett as fireman Peter Mills on the NBC hit show Chicago Fire. Apparently, that is not an accident. His co-stars — particularly Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey and Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide — are chucking off their shirts left and right but Peter Mills has kept his on. So far.

Charlie Barnett hot hunk in firefighters uniform - chicago fire

He addressed the question on whether we will see his six pack abs in an interview with “Oh yea, I’m sure. I haven’t come to it yet. I’m still the youngin’ on the cast, the rookie, the freshman. I think they want to keep this wholesome image that he wants to have. I’m more than willing to get n*ked, so I have no issues with it. But I hope that when it comes it’s in a tasteful manner and useful to the show but yea not just strip down. But I’m sure I’ll be getting undressed at some point.”

Well, fortunately, we do have this shirtless photo of Charlie from the Chicago Fire December 2012 calendar which featured his shirtlessness. Awesome! But it would be more awesome if the next calendar have the Chicago Fire cast pose in their underwear, no?

Charlie Barnett shirtless - chicago fire calendar

For our friend Deena though, this photo of Charlie and a dog beats any shirtless fireman photo out there.

charlie barnett peter mills - with pet dog

Chicago Fire is Charlie’s most prominent project so far. He talks about how he landed the role in his interview with TV After Dark: “I auditioned and endured the long process of auditioning just like everybody. Well almost everybody on the cast went through it. For me, when I read the script and I walked in … Peter Mills and I really kind of relate. I keep saying that. I think it [the script] puts it perfectly. He’s at the point where he’s that hero, he’s a young hero, he’s childlike wanting to be like his father and wanting to grow into this savior. To give himself for the good of what he’s received. Kind of what I relate with first.”

Considering that NBC ordered additional episode for the first season, it is very likely that we will be seeing a second season (and hopefully more) of the drama series. This means, of course, that there will be more biceps-baring from Pete Mills. Hehe.

Charlie Barnett bulging biceps in tank top shirts

Is Peter Mills going to get a girl? Charlie says he hopes he does: “I hope so, I don’t know yet. He’s kind of shy but he knows he’s got some game, but he doesn’t like to flash it around. He doesn’t like to throw it out there. I think he likes a respectful woman who’s a little bit harder to get, you know what I mean? He doesn’t go for the easiest gal on the pole, like some of the guys on the squad. [laughs] But he definitely is flirting around. He gets knocked down in the first episodes, as you see on the commercial, by one of the characters (Leslie Shay).”

What about in real life, does Charlie Barnett have a girlfriend? Is this his girlfriend? Nah, don’t be silly. That’s not his girlfriend but his Chicago Fire co-star Teri Reeves.

charlie barnett girlfriend

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