Jeans and Leather Jackets: 7 Male Celebrity Casual Wear

Denim Jeans and Leather Jacket Casual Style. When it comes to casual menswear, one of the best looks you can go for is the denim jeans and leather jacket combo. It is sexy, stylish, classy, classic, current, timely, and timeless. Contrary to Heidi Klum’s mantra on Project Runway that fashion is sometimes in and out, the denim jeans and leather jacket style will never be “out”.

Seriously, pairing jeans with leather jacket will always be “in”. It is what our friend Kevin calls “evergreen fashion”. Our ancestors in the previous century wore jeans and leather and looked good in them. Our children in the next century will wear jeans and leather jackets and will also look good in them.

Anyhoo, let’s check out these seven celebrities who are rocking their jeans and leather jackets, shall we? Let’s begin with the sexiest of them all, Brad Pitt:

jeans leather jacket casual wear - brad pitt

British football star turned global men’s fashion icon David Beckham in jeans and leather get-up. We’re told his biker leather jacket is made by Belstaff, arguably the best leatherwear brand out there. [Related: How Much is a Belstaff Leather Jacket?]

jeans leather jacket casual wear - David Beckham Wears Belstaff Quilted Leather Biker Jacket

Did you know that Gucci makes leather jackets? Of course you do. The navy leather jacket seen on James Franco below is from the Italian fashion brand.

jeans leather jacket casual wear - James Franco Wears Gucci Navy Leather Jacket

Justin Bieber when he was still a likeable Canadian kid. These days, the singer’s star wattage has faded fast because it seems like he’s always looking for trouble. Good forbid he becomes the next Lindsay Lohan, no?

jeans leather jacket casual wear - justin bieber

The always dapper Justin Theroux. If you are looking for a fashion inspiration to copy, you can’t go wrong imitating how this guy dresses. [Want to buy leather jackets? Check out our post on mens leather jacket sales.]

jeans leather jacket casual wear - Justin Theroux

Canadian crooner Michael Buble is rocking his jeans and leather jacket combo outfit. We here on Famewatcher rarely agree anything when it comes to our celebrity crushes but, when it comes to Buble, we all agree that he is a total DILF. Hehe.

jeans leather jacket casual wear - michael buble

Reality TV star and Kardashian baby daddy Scott Disick is wearing a Pierre Balmain leather jacket.


Who’s got the best look among the seven guys in our list? Our vote goes to Brad Pitt just because! Our totally shaggable DILF Michael Buble is the runner-up! Haha. What about you, who do you think is the best looking, most rocking of these guys? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

That’s it for now, fellow MenswearWatchers!