Chris Hemsworth Leather Jackets: Armani and Louis Vuitton

chris hemsworth leather jacket by louis vuitton

Chris Hemsworth Leather Jackets and Pants. We know you want us to continue blogging about celebrity leather jackets as well as Aussie hottie Chris Hemsworth so we decided to do a two-in-one post by blogging about Chris rocking his leather jackets.

Jude Law Style Fashion Watch: Leather Jackets and Dunhill Suits

jude law leather jacket by carol christian poell

Jude Law Style Fashion Watch: Leather Jackets and Dunhill Suits. British actor Jude Law, who we enjoyed watching in the Sherlock Holmes movie, is looking dapper in his all-black get-up. We wonder what our Jude is laughing at? Maybe he’s laughing at someone’s joke but the jokester is off camera? Or maybe he is laughing because he remembered his happy days growing up as a kid?

German Leather Jacket: Camp David Menswear

german leather jacket for men by camp david - dominic boeer

German Leather Jacket: Camp David Menswear. There is more to fashionable leather jacket for men than Belstaff. Admittedly, Belstaff makes probably the best leather jackets out there but shouldn’t we also look at what’s coming from other countries?

Best Biker Leather Jackets: William Rast, Marc Jacobs, Etc.

best biker leather jackets simon spurr

Best Biker Leather Jackets For Men. Let’s make a list of the best biker leather jackets out there, shall we? Now, are these really the best of the best? But of course! Well, these are the best for for us here on Famewatcher. But, as with any fashion list of this kind, we will be the first to admit that this list is actually very subjective. Anyone who claims that their list is not subjective is flat out lying. Haha.

Hot Guys in Leather Jacket: John Mayer, Singer With Style

hot guys in leather jacket - john meyer singer with style

Hot Guys in Leather Jacket: John Mayer, Singer With Style (updated from 27 October 2009). Cute singer John Mayer walks down the street of — well we don’t know where he is but doesn’t he look cute in his black leather jacket. Admittedly, we are not pleased with him at all for reportedly going back to that old hag Jennifer Aniston but people have done worst things in the name of love. Maybe he does love her, no? But we kinda suspect that this “John and Jen are back in each other’s arms” which you read in tabloids are being planted by Jen’s publicist.