How Much is a Belstaff Leather Jacket?

How Much is a Belstaff Leather Jacket? How much money should you put in your wallet (or reserve in your credit card) if you are planning to buy one of those fabulous leather jackets? It depends, of course, on the particular jacket you are interesting in buying but the company’s website reveals that the price ranges from the most affordable $1,495 to the most expensive $4,995.

how much is a belstaff leather jacket classic ecelsior motorcycle jacket - cost

The particular jacket seen in the male model above which is the Excelsior should cost you $1,595. Here’s a frontal view of the Belstaff Excelsior.

belstaff excelsior front

Meanwhile as we mentioned in our earlier post, the Belstaff Kendal moto jacket worn by David Beckham when he graced the opening of a London flagship store is worth $2,695. [See David Beckham Belstaff Leather Jacket.]

The most affordable Belstaff leather jackets would be the Ronnie jacket (in vintage leather) as well as the Peerless jacket (in goatskin leather). Both are sold for $1,495. First, here is the Ronnie jacket.

belstaff ronnie jacket

And here’s the Peerless jacket.

belstaff peerless leather jacket for men

On the other hand, the most expensive Belstaff leather jacket (at least according to the brand’s website) is this Royce bomber jacket (in luxe shearling) which costs you around $5,000 if you want to add it to your closet. (Actual cost is $4,995.)

belstaff royce bomber leather jacket

Of all Belstaff jackets, our personal favorite would be this Weybridge (in signature hand waxed leather) which comes in black, taupe, and walnut. How much is this particular jacket? You can have it for $1,995.

belstaff weybridge jacket

We are also liking the design (but not the color) of this Belstaff Manx jacket (price: $1,595).

belstaff manx leather jacket for men

Leather jackets usually come in shades of darkish colors or earth tones but those of you who are more adventurous and would want an outfit that catches attention might want this yellow Douglas vintage leather jacket.

how much is a belstaff leather jacket douglas leather jacket

Of course, there’s also the blue Ronnie jacket we mentioned above which is also the most affordable.

CORRECTION on How Much is a Belstaff Leather Jacket: My bad. Turns out that the most expensive Belstaff leather jacket for men is not the Royce shearling jacket but this Hannington military-style jacket (in bonded plonge leather). How much is it? Its price is listed at $5,795 so its nearly a thousand dollars pricier than the Royce jacket.

how much is a belstaff leather jacket hannington most expensive at 5750 dollars

So there you go, Famewatchers. Now you know how much to pay for a fabulous Belstaff jacket. They’re pricy to be sure but these are the kind of outfits which, like diamonds, will last forever (okay maybe not forever but they do last for a very long time).

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