Jason Momoa Young Baywatch Hunk Shirtless in Beach Shorts

Jason Momoa Young Shirtless Male Model. Seems like Famewatchers cannot get enough of the younger version of Jason Momoa which we totally understand because over the past two years his popularity skyrocketed in Hollywood.

Mainly, this could be attributed to his titular role as Aquaman in the James Wan superhero movie which made more than a billion dollahs worldwide. We are so happy for the guy and we hope that his success continues in the future. We are sooo looking forward to his next Aquaman movie as well as the other projects he has in the pipeline.

Anyhoo, here are more photos of Jason taken when he was a younger male model and up-and-coming actor.

jason momoa young model signature

Jason when he won the Model of the Year Hawaii back in 1999.

jason momoa model of the year hawaii 1999

Looking cool and hot in his white muscle shirt.

jason momoa tank top shirt big biceps

Hello Mr. Body Hugging Shirt.

jason momoa young model - tight shirt

Those of you looking for Jason Momoa underwear photos will have to make do with this one where he’s giving us a peek of his boxer shorts.

jason momoa underwear peekabo

And then we have this one which was clearly made by a Momoa superfan.

jason momoa underwear boxer briefs

Oh wait, we found something that’s actually better than Jason in his underwear. It’s him in his loincloth. If we are not mistaken, this is from one of his Baywatch projects.

jason momoa underwear loincloth

And here’s an older Jason rocking his leather skirt in Conan the Barbarian.

jason momoa loincloth conan

More Young Jason Momoa Shirtless Photos (06 October 2011). So, our Jason did star in Conan The Barbarian but it turned out, sadly, to be both a commercial ($48.8 million worldwide box-office vs. its $90 million production budget) and critical flop (23% Rotten Tomatoes rating). But don’t pin the blame to Jason because it’s just a badly made film. We blame the director and the producer for coming up with a mess of a silly movie.

jason momoa shirtless

So, fellow Jason fans, let’s forget this Conan thing and ogle at his hotness when he was young.

jason momoa young conan

jason momoa young body

We like him better when he was younger, is clean-shaven, and with a shorter hair but he’s still hot when he’s none of those.

jason momoa young in beach shorts

Jason Momoa Young Baywatch Hunk Shirtless in Beach Shorts (30 January 2010). Want more television lifeguards in beach shorts? We’ve already blogged about Baywatch’s David Hasselhoff but it doesn’t hurt to blog about the show’s other lifeguards, doesn’t it?

jason momoa young baywatch hunk

So here’s Baywatcher Jason Momoa. This dude is Hawaii-born so let there be no doubt that he knows him his beach shorts.

jason momoa young baywatch beach shorts

By the way, according to internet rumors, Jason is reportedly among those being considered as Conan in the movie version of Conan The Barbarian. Other actors who are also allegedly being considered for the role include Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz.

Because these two get equal points for muscle hunkiness, maybe we should make them wrestle it out in their Lycra spandex like these guys?

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