Blue Leather Jacket for Men and Women: Celebrity Fashion Style

Blue Leather Jacket For Men and Women: Celebrity Fashion. Ryan, our love, you sure look good in your blue jeans and somewhat bluish leather jacket. Where did you buy it? Will it not break our bank if we buy one for ourselves? Or what about sending your jacket to us. Hehe. We are totally joking, of course.

By the way, just so you know Ryan dearie, our friend Deena is so wishing that she’s that cup you are holding. She is kinda crazy though. Here’s a friendly tip so you can totally avoid her: She usually wears a floral dress and a wide brimmed straw hat and likes to carry an umbrella (the kind that doubles as a walking stick).

blue leather jacket for men - ryan reynolds

Blue Leather Jacket: Celebrity Fashion Update. We thought blue leather jackets are rare but they’re less rare than we think. In fact, we didn’t have a hard time finding celebrities and models who, like Ryan Reynolds above, like them their blue leather jacket. Let’s check them out and see who’s wearing the most fabulous jacket. OKay?

Newly-minted Hollywood celebrity mama Beyonce Knowles was spotted wearing this gorgeous blue leather jacket while still pregnant with baby Blue Ivy Carter. Hah, Beyonce really likes her her Blues, no? Maybe she grew up watching Blue’s Clues?

blue leather jacket - women - beyonce

Teenage music prodigy (hehehe, we can’t believe we’re calling him a prodigy) Justin Bieber attended the 2012 NRJ Music Awards last January in Cannes. Yup, that’s a blue leather jacket he’s wearing. We don’t like the dots but it’s not bad. Want more celebrity leather jacket?

blue leather jacket - justin bieber fashion

The always interesting Jared Leto performs on stage while sporting a pink mohawk hairstyle, a pair of studded jeans, and a blue leather jacket. That’s a totally rad ensemble, don’t you think? [Check out Jared Leto’s Underwear Photos.]

blue leather jacket for men - jared leto

British supermodel Kate Moss looks fabulous in her ensemble which includes a gorgeous blue leather jacket. Her modeling star may not be as bright as before but she does know how to style herself. Way to go, Katie.

ysl blue leather jacket for women - kate moss ysl

By the way, Kate’s leather jacket is reportedly from YSL. If you want more famous girls in YSL outfits, check out the following link: Celebrities in YSL Dresses.

Our next blue-leather-jacket-wearing celebrity below is Indian actor and television host R. Madhavan. We’re told he wore this jacket in Jodi Breakers, a Hindi rom-com released last month.

blue leather jacket by maracle r madhavan

Now, here are two unnamed male models (maybe you can ID them in the comments) wearing the best blue leather jackets of the lot. The first guy is wearing a J. Lindeberg blue leather jacket.

blue leather jacket by j lindeberg

The next guy, meanwhile, is modeling an ‘effin sexy and tight Dainese leather jacket. Our friend Kevin will definitely buy this jacket if the model comes with it. Nah, we’re joking!

blue leather jacket by dainese

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