Johnny Depp Leather Jacket and Fashion Style Watch

Johnny Depp Leather Jacket and Fashion Style Watch (3 February 2010, updated below). We’ve seen him in his white winter coat, now here’s a young and innocent version of Johnny Depp – People Magazine’s sexiest man alive in 2009 – wearing his black leather jacket.

We do not know when this photo was taken, certainly not last year, but he looks so innocent and young. Also he kinda reminds us of the up-and-coming Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Maybe not brothers but more like they are cousins or something.

Johnny Depp Leather Jacket style

Johnny Depp Leather Jacket brand

With then girlfriend Kate Moss.

what leather jacket does johnny depp wear

Johnny Depp Leather Jacket

Want more male celebrity leather jackets?

More Johnny Depp Leather Jacket and Sartorial Style. We decided to update this post because some of you are looking for more Johnny Depp leather jackets. In particular, you are interested in the brands of leather jackets that the famous American actor wears. You’re brand conscious, huh? Don’t worry though, we’re kinda brand conscious too. Hehe.

Anyhoo, here’s our Johnny wearing a Levis vintage leather jacket – we’re told its called Levis Vintage Clothing LVC 1930s Menlo Leather Jacket – during one of premiere’s of The Tourist, his movie with Angelina Jolie.

Johnny Depp Leather Jacket levis menlo

Back to his 21 Jump Street days, a young Johnny Depp was photographed wearing this leather jacket. What brand is it, you ask? It’s a Schott NYC Perfecto Classic 618 Leather Biker Jacket, baby. For those of you who are wondering, Schoot is an American apparel company which specializes in leather jackets and motorcycle apparel.

Johnny Depp Leather Jacket schott perfecto

Now since those are the Johnny Depp leather jackets we know the brand of, let’s focus on the labels of his other clothes, shall we? Here’s Johnny warming it up with the help of a wool coat by Tom Ford. Can you ID the guy he’s with?

Johnny Depp Leather Jacket tom ford wool caban

Wondering about Johnny’s hats? According to our good friend Deena, the Pirates of the Caribbean star is wearing a Stetson Sovereign Temple Fur Felt Center Dent Fedora Hat below.

Johnny Depp Leather Jacket stetson hat

Now, that black shirt is badass and we’d like to get one like that for ourselves but we, sadly, don’t know who made it and where to buy one. If you know, please tell us in the comments.

Johnny Depp Leather levis jeans

The pants he’s wearing? That’s a Levis 501 Original Jeans, baby. We guess this means that we should include him to our list of celebrities wearing Levis 501. Right?

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