James Magnussen Speedo, Underwear, Girlfriend Photos

James Magnussen Speedo, Underwear, Girlfriend Photos. Apparently, our hunky Aussie swimming champion and underwear model decided to hang up his Speedos, he retired from competitive swimming in June last year.

Here’s what he said following his retirement according to abc.net.au: “At 28 years of age I feel I could have swum at another Olympic Games. But with the lofty standards I have held myself to over the years and the high expectations I have, I believe now is the right time to step away from the sport. I have always been proud to stand on the starting blocks representing my family, my friends and my country. There is no greater honour or responsibility.”

Good for you, Mr. Magnussen. Thank you for opting for the classic Speedos. Hehe.

Now, what’s the swimming world champ doing now? According to popsugar.com.au, he will be competing in a reality show called SAS: Who Dares Wins which, from what we understand, is a quasi-military training television program imported from the UK.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing the swimming rocking his military uniform? We sure look forward to seeing him doing push-ups and that kind of stuff.

He is also the ambassador for the Royal Life Saving’s summer safety campaign and he started his own business called The Swim Squad.

On the relationship front, James is dating a gorgeous lawyer named Rose McEvoy. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds on a seaside date.

james magnussen girlfrend rose mcevoy model lawyer

James Magnussen Speedo, Underwear, Girlfriend Photos (18 August 2014). Holy, cannoli! Praise be to the gods in heaven!

The gods must be loving us because they answered our prayers every time we watch competitive swimming events like the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games.

Swimmers are ditching the ugly bodysuits and jammers and are, once again, wearing briefs-style swimsuits. Check out Aussie hunk and world swimming champion James Magnussen in his Speedo swimsuit during last month’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow:

james magnussen speedo briefs commonwealth games

Another photo of James in his Speedo. It’s sitting dangerously low but no one is complaining. By the way, swimmers aren’t the only ones who have rediscovered the beauty of Speedo briefs, check out these Footballers in Speedos.

james magnussen shirtless speedo hunk

James in a Jammer Swimsuit aka The Second Worst Men’s Swimsuit Ever Invented. The distinction of being The Worst Men’s Swimsuit Ever goes to the bodysuit which is not only ugly but also gives unfair advantage to its wearer. Thank heavens the swimming powers-that-be came to their senses and eventually banned the bodysuit. They should never have approved it in the first place.

Anyhoo, let’s go back to our swimming champion James Magnussen who, apparently, is a spokesmodel for an underwear brand called Jac5 (named after its founder James A Christopher). Here are some of James modeling pics:

James in Jac5 boxer shorts.

james-magnussen underwear - boxers

In boxer briefs.

james magnussen underwear model shirtless

And in a hot red Jac5 boxer briefs, our favorite of them all.

james magnussen underwear model barking mad

More about James and his undies in this interview (via Underwear Expert):

My favorite Jac5 underwear is…the Barking Mad collection. I like the bright colors. The fabric is different from usual underwear fabric. They’re comfortable and stylish.

My least favorite style of underwear is…a brief cut. I don’t know why. I see them as from an older market. They’re more revealing. I just don’t find them as comfortable. I wear swim briefs in the pool but always prefer to wear trunk style with a bit of a leg. I see them as being better looking.

When I’m not competing…I wear board shorts at the beach.

When I’m at the gym
…I wear my Jac5 underwear. Not too picky on what style I wear to different places. I have about 40 pairs of them.

Modeling is like swimming in that
…you are not wearing a lot of coverage when you are swimming. As a swimmer, your body is your tool of trade, and you work hard all year long to maintain that. That helps with the modeling side of things too.

In finding the perfect swimsuit…you look first at the fabric and the fit. You want to make sure it feels well. There are also a lot of different cuts and sizings. Then, I look for something with a bot of color to set you aside from other swimmers. You need to look for something that looks good, and you feel good in. This year, at a World Cup, I raced in a camo pair, which was interesting. My favorite colors are light blue and orange, though.

The gods must also be loving James Magnussen now because he appears to have recovered from his disappointing silver-medal finish in the London 2012 Games (he was expected to wear the gold medal) and is now back at the top having won three gold medals in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Is James Magnussen Gay or Does He Have a Girlfriend? Our friend Kevin wants us to do the usual “gay or girlfriend” question and the answer is a negative for both. No he is not gay. No, he does not have a girlfriend at this time. James and ex-girlfriend Andrea Patrulescu called it quits in early 2013.

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