Aleph Viola Shirtless, Underwear, Suburra Blood on Rome Hunk

Aleph Viola Shirtless, Underwear, Suburra Blood on Rome Hunk. Are you a fan of badass LGBT characters in movies or on television shows?

Then you should check out the Netflix show Suburra: Blood on Rome where our Italian hunk of the day Aleph Viola plays Teo who is in a relationship with closeted gay gangster Alberto “Spadino” Anacleti.

We already wrote a post on the actor who plays Spadino — go check him out our post on Giacomo Ferrara — so this post is about the actor who plays his lover. Here are screencaps of the smoking Italian hunk from the show:

Aleph Viola shirtless underwear in suburra

We take things literally here on Famewatcher, when we say that a hunk of a man is smoking, we really mean they are smoking. Haha.

Aleph Viola underwear in suburra

Aleph Viola shirtless hot italian men

With onscreen lover Spadino. Damn, don’t we love guys in their underwear! The two get to “know” each other in the biblical sense but we ain’t uploading any photos of that because our Grandma Akita has gone stricter lately.

Aleph Viola gay with giacomo ferrara in suburra

Aside from acting in front of the camera, Aleph — who graduated from the Teatro Stabile di Genova — is also a stage actor who starred in several Shakespearean plays. Turns out that he is also a musician which is why we see him singing on stage.

Aleph Viola hot singer in tank top shirt

Question to our fellow Famewatchers: Any of you have a thing for guys who know how to strum the guitar? Our friend Deena is so into them which is why she has this tendency to becoming a groupie.

Aleph Viola shirtless body

Aleph is looking good in his classic white tank top shirt.

Aleph Viola hot in tank top shirt

Aleph Viola Gay or Straight in Real Life? Relationship Status? We have no information to answer these questions at this point but we will update this post once we do have the relevant information. For the time being, here’s our talented Italian actor slash singer trying his hand at male modeling.

aleph viola hot italian men

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