Jake Quickenden Shirtless Photos

Jake Quickenden Gay or Straight and Shirtless Photos. Oh boy. We’ve got us an imaginary X-Factor UK teevee boyfriend in the person of Jake Quickenden. How can you not crush on this guy? He’s cute, he can sing, he cries at the drop of a hat, and he loves to take shirtless photos of himself! Seriously, the dude is every woman’s (and 10% of men’s) wet dream.

jake quickenden body

Here’s a shirtless pic of Jake Quickenden we grabbed from his Instagram account (follow him at @jakequickenden14).

jake quickenden gay boyfriend

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Is Jake Quickenden Gay or Straight? Some of you may think Jake is gay because of his hawtness but he is actually straight. However, he is supportive of the LGBT community and has appeared on the cover of Gay Times Magazine.

jake quickenden gay times magazine cover

He also performed on Sheffield Pride. He tells us about said performance and his sexual preference in this interview with Gaydio:

Why did you want to perform at Sheffield Pride?
I’d Heard so much about it, I was excited to do it.

Are you LGBT or a Straight ally?
Straight ally

What are your thoughts on Gay Marriage?
I think it’s great

How far would you go for gay rights?
I believe in equality for everyone!

What’s been your gayest moment?
Haha. I dunno really I just love my mates and we get up to all sorts! :)

Clearly, this is one of Jake and his mates’ gay moments, no?

jake quickenden boyfriend

And this one too:

jake quickenden gay or straight - with three men in bed

Jake Quickenden Girlfriend. We don’t know if he has a girlfriend in 2014 but two years ago, he talked about his girlfriend Victoria in this interview with The Sun (via examiner.com):

I have a girlfriend. She’s 21 and we’ve been together for two years. I think Victoria will be stood there in a suit like a bouncer, stopping them from getting more than ten metres near me or something. I saw my face on TV and I didn’t think I looked that great and Victoria said, ‘You look amazing’ and I was like, ‘I look all right, I guess.’

We’ve been together two years so I don’t know. But I am always a believer in that you never know what’s round the corner. No wedding bells yet — I haven’t got enough money. I suppose Victoria is a little bit worried about girls — but she’s totally behind me and she knows that’s what I want to do and I’d do it anyway. To be fair, the money and the fame would be decent. Of course I want to be successful and have bit of cash and a bit of fame. It will be weird getting groupies, but I think it will be fun with people liking me for being me, so bring it on.

If you know whether Jake and Victoria are still an item or whether the went their separate ways and are dating other people, do tell in the comments. Danke!

Jake Quickenden Underwear. Though he loves to take shirtless photos, we still have to come across a pic of our Jake in nothing but his undies.

He did pose au natural for Gay Times magazine but we ain’t gonna post it here else it will shock our gramma who regularly visits this site.

We do get a glimpse of Jake’s undies here:

jake quickenden underwear

And here’s a Jake Quickenden shirtless selfie:

jake quickenden gay or straight

Did you know that he used to be a lifeguard? No wonder he’s fit and sexy and blessed with a swimmer’s body. Hehe.

jake quickenden shirtless hot body
Jake Quickenden Tattoos. He talks about the significance of his tattoos in an interview with Flavour Mag (flavourmag.co.uk):

On his tattoos: None of my tattoos really mean anything. Although my little brother passed away last September and he had a shirt that he used to always wear. His wife kept the shirt so I got a tattoo with a bird on instead and also I got the words forever tattooed on me as well for my brother.

Can you find said images (bird and the word “forever”) in Jake’s photos above?

Jake Quickenden Gay and Girlfriend Update 2017. According to an interview with aTeen magazine, our Jake is dating a girl named Danielle Fogarty. He also has this to say about the Jake Quickenden gay speculations:

You’ve said most people think you’re gay as you’re pretty camp? Did you ever go through a confused stage in your teens?
A lot of people had speculated about my sexuality and quite honestly I have never batted an eyelid about it. If I was gay, I’d shout it through a megaphone, but no teen experiments for me.

Have you got loads of gay mates? Any declared their undying love for you?
Sadly none of them have declared their undying love for me – apparently I’m not their type.

Jake Quickenden Gay or Straight and Shirtless Photos posted 4 October 2014. Updated 26 April 2017.