Shirtless Baseball Players: Current & Retired Hot Baseball Hunks

Shirtless Baseball Players. It’s baseball season once again so we here at Famewatcher decided to do a post on the hottest shirtless professional athletes of Major League Baseball whether they be retired or are still active chasing balls in the baseball field. Are you a fan of both baseball and shirtless hunks? Well, who of these guys is your favorite? Who would you want to bring home to mama? Could it be one of the five dudes — Alex Gonzalez, Edgar Renteria, Rey Ordonez, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez — above? Or is it any of the guys below? Do tell us about your baseball crush in the comments.

shirtless baseball players Alex Gonzalez Edgar Renteria Rey Ordonez Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez

For us, probably our favorite is the multi-awarded Grady Sizemore who played for the Cleveland Indians for the 2004-2012 seasons but who is currently a free agent.

shirtless baseball players - grady sizemore

You can see more of Grady in an earlier post we wrote about his “hobby” of taking iPhone self-pics in Grady Sizemore Underwear Photos. Next up in our list of 35 shirtless baseball players is Brad Ausmus, the All Star catcher who retired in 2010. Following his retirement, the three-time Gold Glove award winner found work as a special assistant for the San Diego Padres.

Brad Ausmus shirtless Catcher Los Angeles Dodgers

Next up in our list of shirtless baseball players is 2002 Cy Young Award winner, Barry Zito. Barry is the starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.

barry zito shirtless baseballer san francisco giants

A baseball player who may have seen his last days as a major league baller is 2004 American League Rookie of the Year Bobby Crosby. He was released by the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2010 and a deal with the minor league deal with the Milwaukee Brewers early this year did not work out.

Bobby Crosby shirtless baseball hunk

Another shirtless baseballer who’ve seen his last days as a pro-baller is the multi-awarded Puerto Rican Carlos Delgado. We love love love him because he is reportedly active in the peace movement following his retirement in 2009. Too bad we don’t have a shirtless pic of him facing the camera.

Carlos Delgado First Base New York Mets

Unlike Bobby and Carlos, our next shirtless baseballer C.J. Wilson is still very much active in the game. Previously with the Texas Rangers, the left-handed pitcher is now with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

shirtless baseball players CJ-Wilson-Tattoos

Another currently active baseballer is Cole Hamels, the 2008 Babe Ruth Awardee and 2008 World Series Most Valuable Player, awards he won after his team (the Philadelphia Phillies) bagged the World Series Championship that year. Cole is still with the Phillies.

shirtless baseball players Cole Hamels

Does three-time All Star Curtis Granderson have the best washboard abs in pro-baseball? We think so. Curtis is a center-fielder for the New York Yankees.

shirtless baseball players - curtis granderson

Shirtless Baseball Players: Current and Retired Hot Baseball Hunks. Originally published 2 April 2013. Updated 26 April 2017.