John Terry Young, Swimwear, Shirtless, Wedding Photos

john terry shirtless daddy

John Terry Young, Swimwear, Shirtless, Wedding Photos. Huh, we thought we already wrote a post about the awesomeness of British football star John Terry but, apparently, we haven’t. We did write one about him getting cozy with fellow football great Frank Lampard which we ain’t gonna link to because Grandma Akita says it’s too risque. Haha. Anyhoo, what say you of John looking dreamy in his swim shorts in the pic below?

Thomas Beattie Boyfriend, Shirtless, Swimsuit

thomas beattie boyfriend

Thomas Beattie Boyfriend, Shirtless, Swimsuit. Let us add former soccer player Thomas Beattie to our list of gay male athletes. The 33-year-old footballer, who played professionally in Canada and Singapore, came out a few weeks ago via his Instagram page. In an interview with Advocate Magazine, he shares us his coming out journey directly addressing the question why he only came out after he retired: “I never thought about coming out whilst playing. I literally felt like I had to sacrifice one of the two: who I am, or the sport I loved before I could remember. I used football as a form of escapism and in many ways it saved me, until I reached the point in life where there was some personal growth.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Shirtless, Underwear Model, Wedding

Zlatan Ibrahimovic young

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Shirtless, Underwear Model, Wedding. Huh, while the world of celebrity bloggers were speculating about the nature of Zlatan and Gerard Pique’s relationship more than ten years ago, it turns out that our Swedish soccer player has been in a relationship with a woman all along. Fellow clueless Famewatchers, say hi to Ibra’s significant other Helena Seger. In a recent interview with Elle Magazine (via Corriere dello Sport), Helena revealed that their first meeting back in 2002 was not cordial at all:

Harry Kewell Underwear Modeling and Shirtless Photos

harry kewell underwear model - aussie footballer

Harry Kewell Underwear Modeling and Shirtless Photos. Ahh Australia. How much should we thank thee for giving us hunky athletes who model in their underwear? You gave us boxer Daniel Geale and His 2xist Underwear, rugby player Earl Sandor and His Teamm8 Briefs, tennis hunk Patrick Rafter and his Bonds Underwear, and Dan Carter and his Jockey Underwear. Oh wait, Carter does not count because he is from New Zealand.

Iker Casillas Shirtless Spanish Football Hunk in Speedos

iker casillas shirtless model head and shoulders shampoo

Iker Casillas Young, Shirtless, and Wife Sara. Seven years later, we are updating this post to note that, apparently, our imaginary Spanish footballer boo has decided to call it a day. After 22 years of playing professional football, our Iker retired from the sport just two months ago last August. His career achievements include five LaLiga titles, three Champions League titles, two European Championships, and one World Cup. That’s a lot of trophies, ain’t it.