Nicklas Bendtner Shirtless, Underwear, Retirement Update

Nicklas Bendtner Shirtless, Retirement, and Other Updates. So, how’s our favorite pants-dropping underwear-showing Danish footballer these days? Apparently, his pants dropping days on the pitch are very much behind him not only because he’s mellowed down but also because he decided to call it a day as a football player.

nicklas bendtner shirtless

He formally announced his retirement in June 2021 after about 15 years of playing professional football for clubs such as Arsenal, Sunderland, Juventus, and Rosenberg. In an interview with a Discovery+ programme, the football forward had this to say about his decision: “All your life you play football, and from one day to the next it ends.”

His plans were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and there were things he would have liked to have done before he hang up his boots but he has come to terms with it. He adds that he had “not been able to do some of the things I liked because of corona. I think I need to have a little more time to process that it’s over now”.

On the relationship front, he’s dating Swedish model Clara Linnea Wahlqvist and the two have been posting sweet photos of themselves being lovey doveys. Awwww. We grabbed this pic from Nicklas’ Instagram page which you might want to follow @bendtner.

nicklas bendtner girlfriend cara linnea wahlqvist

Lastly, you can add “book author” to our football hunk’s list of titles. Apparently, he wrote a well-received autobiographical book called Both Sides which won the 2019 Danish Sports Book of the Year and was shortlisted for the International Autobiography of the Year in the 2021 Telegraph Sports Book Awards. Yay. Congratulations to our Lord Bendtner!!!

nicklas bendtner both sides book

More Nicklas Bendtner Shirtless Photos (update: 15 March 2017). We are updating this post to give you more shirtless and underwear photos of our Danish football hunk. Check him out on the cover of Elle Magazine with then-girlfriend Caroline aka The Baroness.

Nicklas Bendtner shirtless - elle magazine cover

Now, here’s a portrait of our football player as a shirtless hottie.

Nicklas Bendtner shirtless hot body

Our Nicklas on vacation enjoying the sun, sand, and coconut water.

Nicklas Bendtner hot

Now, this one’s for those of you looking for Nicklas Bendtner underwear selfies. He sure does not disappoint, no?

nicklas bendtner underwear - white briefs

Another selfie photo from our Nicklas.

Nicklas Bendtner shirtless instagram selfie

Nicklas Bendtner Gay or Straight? He is straight of course. But according to a Twitter parody account (@kingbendtner), our Danish hunk can turn himself gay: “Im not gay, but, when I look in the mirror, I have to question my s*xuality. I could turn anyone, even me. #KingBendtner”.

Nicklas Bendtner gay or straight

Question for those in the know: Is the above image the real deal or is it a fake image photoshopped by an enthusiastic Nicklas superfan?

Nicklas Bendtner Underwear Scandal Update (published: 09 June 2011). Is there any footballer out there who can beat our Nicklas in the art of “removing ones pants to show one’s underwear”? We doubt if there’s any. He’s now in trouble for dropping his football shorts to show his underwear which advertises Paddy Power. Pretty good stealth advertising for Paddy Power. We’re not sure it is good for our Nicklas.

nicklas bendtner paddy power underwear

Nicklas Bendtner Shirtless on the Pitch (07 May 2009). Isn’t Nicklas Bendtner cool? He’s got pink shoes, he wears Emporio Armani undies, he’s got a cool-looking tattoo, and he’s from Denmark.

nicklas bendtner pink shoes topless

What’s not to like? Oh, and he’s also man enough to apologize. Here’s a statement he issued after he was caught with his pants down: “I love this club and was so disappointed to lose against Manchester United last night. Reaching a Champions League final is one of my biggest dreams and getting knocked out was a massive blow. However, no matter how disappointed I was, it does not excuse my behaviour later in the evening. I may be young, but my actions were a poor error of judgment and something I deeply regret. I want to apologize to the club and the fans for letting them and myself down. I cannot change the past, but will learn from my mistakes.”

Apology accepted, Nicklas. We all make mistakes!!! Now, fellow Famewatchers, don’t you just love men in tight shirts?

Nicklas Bendtner tight shirt

Nicklas Bendtner Underwear: Emporio Armani Boxer Briefs (published: 6 May 2009). Look who’s too drunk to care that his pants are down? It’s Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner who’s seen here showing us his Emporio Armani boxer briefs.

Nicklas Bendtner underwear scandal

Says a source: “Nicklas was with a group of friends inside the club, and just seemed to want to wind down after his match. But for some reason, his belt was undone as he left at 4am and his pants started to slip. He was trying to grab them to pull them up, but one of the bouncers was more concerned about getting him into his car, so virtually dragged him in despite his struggles.”

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