Jesus Datolo Shirtless, Underwear, Gay Photoshoot for Romeo Mag

Jesus Datolo Gay Magazine Photoshoot: Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Look who’s gonna get in trouble for posing in his underwear for a magazine photoshoot? It’s the cute guy above, that’s who. The dude’s name is Jesus Datolo, footballer for the Italian football club Napoli.

jesus datolo gay photoshoot romeo magazine

Check out his controversial photos after the jump.

jesus datolo gay

These Datolo underwear photos are not really that scandalous, right? Include us in the list of those who are wondering about what the fuss is all about.

jesus datolo shirtless

David Beckham has more intriguing (or revealing) photos than these ones. Good thing he’s not being sanctioned.

jesus datolo underwear romeo magazine

How these photos could upset his club bosses is beyond us? Those Gods of Football – Dieux Du Stade photos are way more revealing.

jesus datolo football

Here’s a report from about Datolo’s photoshoot and possible sanction: “Former Boca Juniors midfielder Jesus Datolo could be sanctioned by the leadership of his club, Napoli, after posing in underwear for an Italian gay magazine. Aurelio De Laurentis, president of the entity, did not hide his displeasure for Dátolo’s photos and calles for him to make his defense.”

The report adds: “De Laurentis is not bothered by the photos but because ‘the image of Napoli rights have been violated.’ Popular gay magazine Romeo Mag, whom Italian journalists call a ‘gay monthly magazine’, published pictures of Dátolo, where he appears in his underwear.”

During the interview, Dátolo said he could be a model in the future and praised the current national team coach of Argentina Diego Armando Maradona: “He is a great coach and a great person.” Also, Jesus recalled when he played for Boca, where he was one of the leading figures of the team.

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